How to decorate rooms without windows? - 6 brilliant ideas!

As human beings, we all need a certain amount of sunlight, it provides our body with vitamin D which gives us energy and wards of certain skin diseases. However, in some circumstances, for lack of budget or, simply, based on the design of the room su…

17 October, 2017

Dining tables: Round or rectangular?

If there is an essential element in the dining room that is, without a doubt, the dining table and its chairs. So when it comes to deciding what type of table we want for the dining room, we often get boggled from the many choices we are faced with:…

14 October, 2017

11 beautiful flooring for terraces and patios

You may think that in decorating your patio or terrace, that the furniture you choose is what matters most, but there is another thing that is very important in creating exactly the image that you want to convey: the flooring!There are many options w…

13 October, 2017

10 fabulous colors to paint the walls of your small living room

What color should we choose to paint a room with little space? The most obvious answer is white, right? Although the white color may brighten up a room to make it appear larger, it however, has that tendency of being bland, ascetic, or just plain lac…

12 October, 2017

Guide to demolishing walls for the interior: 6 things to keep in mind

Houses that were built half a century ago are easy to distinguish. They have long and narrow corridors with a floor layout that are often catastrophic when it comes to the placement and division of rooms.

09 October, 2017

15 Small patios with lots of copy-worthy ideas

Sad about your small patio? Don’t think you have enough space to take advantage of it. But you could be unnecessarily worrying about the lack of space. Check out these ideas and copy the ones that inspire you most.

09 October, 2017

What material should you choose for the façade?

Although we learned from childhood that what is important is the interior, there is however, an exception to this, and that is the facade. Conceived as the shell of a building or house, façades can be likened to a perfumed envelope to a love letter o…

08 October, 2017

14 staircase designs perfect for small houses

Stairs are more than just a simple element that connects one story to another. They too can be a decorative focal point of the house, providing so much originality with designs that reflect your personality.

07 October, 2017

14 ideas to decorate your bedroom wall!

Your room is your most personal space since it is where you rest, where you enjoy the moments of intimacy or where you can spend some me time. Sometimes, it's the place where you have a study table for whenever you work from home.

06 October, 2017

Ideas for your bathroom walls

Renovations in the bathrooms are, undoubtedly, one of those that give the most headache. On one hand, you have to take into account the special character of the space, where there is more humidity than in the rest of the house.

05 October, 2017

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