How to hide ugly radiators

It goes without saying that modern central heating is a must: and it's even better if you have eco heating systems installed. However, not everyone has the resources to add solar panels to their home, so a simple way to get your heating up-to-date is…

20 August, 2017

10 ways to brighten up a small windowless bathroom!

When buying a new home, there are certain drawbacks that should be weighed and considered before purchasing. Of course you have to ask yourself: are these flaws detrimental? Or are they something that can be remedied? If it is something that you can…

19 August, 2017

12 building materials that are cheap and perfect for small homes

Have you ever considered building a home from scratch? While it may sound crazy (trust us, we've been there) building your own home can be possible and cost effective if done right.

18 August, 2017

10 bathroom wall cladding ideas

Wall cladding is a great option for bathrooms and can also suit those who are on a budget. It is a very effective method for water-proofing the walls, even more, it looks great! However, with a large variety of cladding styles and materials to choose…

17 August, 2017

How to modernise a bungalow

Bungalows are making a comeback! Unlike other small homes, the bungalow's charm can be attributed to their unique craftsmanship, which dates back to the early 1920s. And while we appreciate the retro appeal of these homes, modernising a bungalow has…

16 August, 2017

'How much will it really cost me to install a patio?'

Lots of people daydream about sprucing up their house’s exterior look, and more often than not, those dreams include adding a stylish patio. This add-on is definitely great for entertaining and socialising, not to mention enhancing your home’s look a…

15 August, 2017

23 stylish and cheap ideas for garden fencing

Are you looking to create more privacy for your backyard, or around your garden, or maybe entire home, but not ready to splurge on expensive fencing? Well look no further, we found 23 stylish and cheap fencing ideas that some of the best landscape ar…

14 August, 2017

Floor plans: 10 intelligent design layouts that will inspire you

Whoever builds a one-family house or a modern apartment should, of course have a floor plan prior to building or renovating. A house floor plan is a drawing or a computerized image of the spatial conditions.

13 August, 2017

6 tricks that will make your low ceilings look higher

We all love large rooms with plenty of space. But sometimes that's not the reality. If you are not lucky enough to live in a spacious home, you often have to settle for low ceilings that make each room look narrower and smaller.

12 August, 2017

6 brilliant ideas to hide the washing machine in the bathroom

Compared to refrigerators and kitchen ranges which are now available in a variety of colors and design, the washing machines that we have in the market are still mostly an eye-sore and have not changed in the last 20 years.

11 August, 2017

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