20 Impressive Exteriors That Breathe Grandeur

We are too wary of our home interiors, paying little heed to what comprises the dialogue of our home with the rest of the world! Our minds keep getting confused with the innumerable bunch of options that surround us whenever we start to think of exte…

09 June, 2021

Break All Rules: 21 Images to Mix Patterns And Colours Like A Pro

When we have different moods at different times of the day, why do we need to stick to one pattern or colour theme throughout the house or maybe even a room? The cool thing about doing up your home yourself is the freedom to experiment with these ver…

26 May, 2021

13 Dazzling Terraces That You'll Want for Yourself

Dreaming of a better way to decorate your outdoor space? Terraces are a space we often overlook, but it's a place we often spend a lot of time with our guests. Why not spruce it up a bit and make it more glamorous? There's plenty of options for takin…

21 May, 2021

Decorative Stairs: 12 Stunning Designs to Wow Guests

Stairs are an important part of the two-story home — why not decorate your stairs as you do the rest of the house? Making your stairs a little more interesting by redesigning or adding decor such as rugs can elevate your home easily.

24 April, 2021

Incredible Ceilings: 14 Amazing Designs

Creating a truly gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing room means covering every aspect of the interior design — including the ceiling. If you've never thought about the impact your ceiling might have on guests, consider some of the greatest and most r…

21 April, 2021

16 leather chairs and armchairs that will take your decor to a next level

Leather chairs are timeless and stylish — they're an obvious choice for an upscale look. But there are more benefits to leather furniture. If you want your armchair to get even more comfortable as it ages, then leather is a great choice.

08 April, 2021

21 Floral Pattern Designs to Incorporate in Your Home

Floral patterns are such a classic look for the modern home, and not just for spring! You can incorporate floral patterns in your home all year round. But if the word 'floral' reminds you of stuffy, older homes, then you're not alone.

27 March, 2021

10 Modern Ideas to Use the Colour Peach in Your Decor

Peach: it's not a colour that we use in homes too often, but perhaps it's one we should turn to more. What exactly is peach? It's a mix of pink and orange, often a light and soft tone. As it's a warmer tone, it can brighten a room.

23 March, 2021

19 Smart Ideas to Create Cosy Interiors in your Home

A home is where the heart resides and love blossoms. It’s a place where we relax, entertain and thrive in the company of loved ones, living a life. While decorating our home, if you could choose one thing between cosy and luxury, we are sure that the…

16 March, 2021

10 Fresh Ideas to Add Urban Jungle Style in the Home Décor and live Greener

Creating an urban garden amidst the concrete jungle is an art. The interesting fact is that the urban jungle doesn't mean creating a jungle in urban homes. It just means including the jungle theme through prints, patterns, decorative pieces, artifici…

07 March, 2021

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