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5 bathroom renovations that will leave you in awe

When you see how effectively someone else has renovated their apartment, it can be hard to refrain from the thought that maybe you need to do something more important than, say, buying new salt and pepper shakers for the kitchen.

23 March, 2017

How to build an extention to your home step by step

Does it feel like there's something missing from your home? Something that would allow you to better enjoy your natural surroundings and beautiful climate? Have you ever thought about a pergola?These wonderful home extensions allow you to peacefully…

23 March, 2017

A comfortable house you should copy (floor plans included)

Designed by our architects at Biuro Projektowe MTM Styl, this elegant house with its beautiful high pitched roof comfortably accommodates a family of 5-6 individuals. With a combination of exposed concrete,  a dual tone of red and white shades, high…

23 March, 2017

Outdoor seating for every occasion: 10 great options

 As any avid gardener will tell you, gardening can be hard work, but it's also incredibly rewarding when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, then you should make the most of the precious, personal…

23 March, 2017

6 ideas for laying modern tiles

Is it enough to only pay attention to the shape and colour of tiles themselves when designing a room? The answer should be a resounding 'no,' because we need to watch out for the comprehensive look and feel of the entire room when laying tiles.

22 March, 2017

10 beautiful family homes from Japan

 Japan is an intriguing country: it’s a world leader in technology, has the world’s third largest gross domestic product and simultaneously boasts a rich history steeped in culture and tradition; much of which is still pervasive today.

22 March, 2017

12 myths about modern houses we bet you still believe in

When it comes renovating or buying a new house, everyone has their opinion. While this understandable since a house is one of the most prized aspects of our lives, it is important to realize that most of these comments come from people who do not pos…

22 March, 2017

Microwave ovens and 6 things you should know

Since the introduction of home microwave ovens in the late sixties they have become a staple in almost every home around the world. Lauded for their convenience, and their ability to dramatically reduce cooking times, they have also been criticised f…

22 March, 2017

A dream home in the making

Everyone has their own dream home, whether it's a small and quaint rustic cottage in the middle of the woods or a larger-than-life modern and sophisticated home in the suburbs.

22 March, 2017

Themes and styles for living rooms

 When you think about it, the living room is unique amongst the different areas of the home. Other parts of the home such as the kitchen may be used for things like having a quick chat with a visitor, but fundamentally they serve an already defined…

21 March, 2017