10 family houses that you can build on your own


10 simple tips that attract good luck and positive energy

Good luck is a residue of preparation.—Jack YoungbloodLife can be unpredictable at times, but in those instances, it would be best to always be prepared. Like having to save up enough for the rainy days; collecting positivity and good energy can…

24 June, 2017

Cool design ideas for a hipster pad

A small apartment can easily be decorated to follow the latest trends. One of which is a hipster style home which is distinctly set apart from the cultural/traditional mainstream designs.

23 June, 2017

A beautiful 3 bedroom continental bungalow

People say that a 'home' is not a place, it's a feeling. A sense of love, security and belongingness. For families who are building their new home, Homify is here to guide you on how you can built, not just a house, but a haven where the entire famil…

23 June, 2017

80m² apartment with subtle wall patterns

Success is following the pattern of life one enjoys the most.—Al CappA person who follows his daily habits would often form a pattern that is predictable, repetitive and reliable.

22 June, 2017

12 charmingly small garden lounge ideas

We all need to take some time to stop and smell the roses. Creating a cozy outdoor space that feels homey and relaxing is the ultimate escape. Being close to nature exudes a sense of peace that no modern technology could outdo.

22 June, 2017

8 budget ideas for a charming bedside setting

Beds usually are the central elements in any bedroom. Although it is recommended that bedrooms must have a soothing and peaceful ambiance, a lot of times the beds that we see are bland and devoid of any creativity.

22 June, 2017

7 stylishly small bathrooms

Taking on a bathroom design project with limited space can be a huge headache waiting to happen. But how can we make this small space look beautiful without sacrificing function for form? Here are 7 of homifys' stylishly small bathroom designs that y…

21 June, 2017

Designing a modern industrial home

Modern industrial design can be quite hard to pull off without making the space look like a worn-down warehouse. It's a style that bears a subtle elegance that comes along the raw and edgy design.

21 June, 2017

A cool blue apartment with just 69 m²

We all know that the best colour in the world will always be the one that looks good on you! So if blue is your 'colour', then homify would like to show you a few design ideas from this 69 m² apartment and see how this cool and calming hue can work i…

20 June, 2017

6 things you can do to make cleaning the kitchen much easier

Right from the very beginning, kitchens have usually been the spaces around which the entire household would gather around for nourishment and bonding. Today, although these outdoor cooking areas have been transformed into indoor cooking spaces, kitc…

20 June, 2017

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