10 family houses that you can build on your own


8 Compelling reasons to adopt large windows

Planning to make a house? Why not consider large windows that offer beautiful vistas of the world outside and also let in fresh air during hot summers? With the wide variety of styles and sizes of windows available in the market along with attractive…

14 January, 2021

9 Fun and Stylish ways to Decorate the Nursery/Children’s Room for the Little One

It's fun to do the nursery or the children's room of the house. It might be because you have the complete freedom to design and decorate before the child grows up to have their own opinions and preferences.

14 January, 2021

10 Modern Houses with White Exterior Shining Bright

Modern, minimalist, and then monochromatic, the recent home décor trends emphasize simplicity and elegance. When choosing the exterior color, white is a popular choice for its crispness and brightness that make an impression to last forever.

10 January, 2021

11 Luxury Walk-in Shower Wall Designs to Inspire you

As you walk into the shower area of your bathroom, a little bit of creativity in its design and décor can make a luxurious impact. The shower area of the bathroom is more than for a functional purpose.

03 January, 2021

A Modern Home with Rustic Charm Coexisting Peacefully Amidst the Nature

With an eye on the future, the professional Architects of N O T ARCHITECTURE SDN BHD, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, has done a fantastic job in house renovation. It was a dream for the house owner to get closer to nature and open up the enclo…

22 December, 2020

15 Modern Colors for your Chic and Contemporary Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom décor, it's the bathroom color scheme that makes or breaks the space's look and feel. The modern homeowners emphasize a chic and comfortable bathroom to relax and rejuvenate in privacy.

21 December, 2020

9 Stylish Budget-Friendly Renovation Ideas to Revamp the Modern Bathrooms

It’s a universal belief that renovating the bathroom can be a big project with huge expenses. However, if you are looking for budget-friendly ideas to give your old bathroom a fresh look, then we are happy to help.

17 December, 2020

10 Creative Garden Storage Ideas you will Appreciate in your Home

Think of garden storage and the first image that pops up is that of a shed standing somewhere in the corner of the garden. However, in contemporary homes, especially in cities, not all are blessed with a sprawling lawn with a distant corner reserved…

15 December, 2020

9 Beautiful Ideas to Build Cheapest House on a low budget

Building a house is an expensive affair as everything from the labor to material cost shoots your budget, and often you end up paying much higher than you had planned. When we talk about building a house, we do not only mean the bungalow or independe…

12 December, 2020

Pantone Color of the Year 2021: 35 Ways to bring the Elegance of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray in your Home

The modern combination of Illuminating and Ultimate Gray creates vibrant energy to invigorate the spirit of life.  The marriage of the two colors is a welcome relief from the pandemic's gloomy shadow that engulfed the year 2020.

11 December, 2020

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