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5 things you should know before remodelling your garage

If living space in your own house is becoming scarce, but a new extension, basement or attic conversion is out of the question, there is often only one option left to create new perspectives and additional space for living: a garage conversion.

06 February, 2024

For which extensions and conversions do I need a building permit?

Do you want to expand your living space or renovate your home differently, but you are not sure what is permitted and to what extent with permission? We try to shed light on the matter and show you which measures do not require approval and which cha…

05 February, 2024

20 house facades you should see right now (to get the most inspiration!)

Being able to count on a rendering or 3D model of the design of our future house gives us a clear idea of how it will be once built, without the need to lay a single brick. In these visualizations we can see the final product in detail, with the poss…

7 Makeover Ideas for your home exteriors

Exteriors of a house hint at how it is likely to be indoors and should always be a welcoming sight that its residents would be proud to come home to every evening. Depending on the space available around the front yard to the porch and front door you…

09 November, 2020

9 different types of terrace roofing

Patio and terrace roofing can made of materials such as glass, fabric, reed or wood, fixed or mobile, and some are flexible and can even be adjusted when it is needed with a click of a remote control.

21 October, 2020

10 Great examples of 3D architecture design

Explaining an architect’s vision to a home buyer through standard architectural drawings is not possible as few people have knowledge about terms like dimensions, elevations and layouts that is used in architectural design.

17 April, 2020

One of a Kind Project by LiA' Alaf Architects-The Astounding Melawati Bungalow

When it comes to getting that chic finish for a complete home makeover or construction, you can definitely count on one of the most fabulous teams, the Li A'alaf Architect. Based in Selangor, the team provides luxurious and tremendous architectural a…

24 February, 2020

A Deluxe Cafe Blessed With Posh Interiors and Magnificent Design in Selangor

Tradition is an ultimate reflection of culture and heritage that flourish in a region. And Malaysia is known for its rich touch to heritage, and its eateries are no exception in this case!Today, we are going to treat you with all the key details on o…

25 September, 2019

Lavish worker's abode blessed with the best of nature in Selangor

A fully equipped abode with the best gated and guarded accommodation completes the quench for labour safety in Selangor, Malaysia. And this is made possible through one of the most sought after professional construction firms, Li A'alaf Architect.

10 September, 2019

The Homify guide to designing a Malaysian bungalow

Bungalows are great looking single-storey homes and offer space, style, and simply a comfortable setting for any day. This ideabook is focused on bungalows and how great they are.

28 February, 2019