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Bathroom articles tips & information

10 ways to brighten up a small windowless bathroom!

When buying a new home, there are certain drawbacks that should be weighed and considered before purchasing. Of course you have to ask yourself: are these flaws detrimental? Or are they something that can be remedied? If it is something that you can…

19 August, 2017

10 bathroom wall cladding ideas

Wall cladding is a great option for bathrooms and can also suit those who are on a budget. It is a very effective method for water-proofing the walls, even more, it looks great! However, with a large variety of cladding styles and materials to choose…

17 August, 2017

Walkthrough: How to renovate a bathroom without spending a fortune!

Want to change your bathroom? Have no idea where to start? Let us at homify inspire you with this gorgeous bathroom renovation! Here you will find the basic steps that a professional interior designer and architect took to transform this bathroom…

17 July, 2017

7 stylishly small bathrooms

Taking on a bathroom design project with limited space can be a huge headache waiting to happen. But how can we make this small space look beautiful without sacrificing function for form? Here are 7 of homifys' stylishly small bathroom designs that y…

21 June, 2017

The incredible transformation of a dreary family home

Izmir boasts a long and rich history. Since the days of Alexander the Great it has repeatedly been in focus for a number of reasons. However, it is most famous for its handcrafted items and over the years Izmir excelled in the art of ceramics.

30 May, 2017

6 quick bathroom makeovers that cost NO money!

Bathrooms can be so difficult to design. They were invented solely as a functional space, but as our species has developed and we've acquired taste in interior design, such notions have changed.

29 May, 2017

11 ways to make your bathroom look more expensive

Ever wondered how to make your bathroom look luxurious without blowing the budget? Well, you're not alone. Luxurious bathroom accessories are hugely popular because they are the easiest way to transform a bathroom design without changing out the more…

Small bathroom design ideas

Having a small bathroom is a common conundrum as real estate prices are steadily on the rise and many of us wish to prioritise location in our house searches. Still, it is often the case that even the smallest spaces actually harbour a lot of unused…

21 May, 2017

10 interesting ways to use tiles in Malaysian homes

Tiles are one of the earliest forms of decorative arts and have been used to embellish the interior and exterior of our houses for thousands of years. From the red roof tiles of Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean region and beyond to the highly intric…

19 May, 2017

7 smart places to store a washing machine

Famous composer Gioachino Rossini once said, “Give me a laundry list and I’ll set it to music.” Can you say with such confidence that, no matter what part of your house you are decorating, you can still ensure it turns out to be one of the most styli…

14 May, 2017