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Before & After: A 40 Square Metre Apartment with an Exciting Style

Decorating small homes feels such a challenging task. You need to have all your essential items neatly tucked into various corners of your home. Besides, there should be ample breathing space.

07 March, 2018

5 Most Cost Effective Home Renovation Ideas

The cost of renovating an old structure may, at times, run into thousands. Sometimes old dilapidated buildings are given a new lease of time. Your own apartment also needs periodic renovation to keep up with the changes of time and the needs of the i…

02 March, 2018

6 Kitchen Renovations on a Small Budget

Kitchen renovations can quickly turn out to be a householder’s nightmare. From planning to plumbing there are so many steps involved in a kitchen remodeling project. Your budget could easily get upset in the process.

04 February, 2018

Transforming a 30-year-old apartment into a modern space

Sometimes people opt to buy old outdated homes because they're cheaper than buying one that is brand new, and then somewhere along the road, when they've been able to garner enough savings, that's when they begin to renovate their homes into how they…

16 June, 2017

7 blissful makeover ideas for small balconies

Balconies make up the small outdoor living spaces for most apartments. Sadly, these balconies are hardly utilised and are often left sloppy, idle, and is sometimes filled with clutter like they were a long forgotten area of the house.

13 June, 2017

The incredible transformation of a dreary family home

Izmir boasts a long and rich history. Since the days of Alexander the Great it has repeatedly been in focus for a number of reasons. However, it is most famous for its handcrafted items and over the years Izmir excelled in the art of ceramics.

30 May, 2017

From Squalor to Splendor: A Dramatic Renovation

Rarely is the word transformation truly justified in renovation. It requires more than a few alterations to remake an existing structure. Thanks to the vision of Studio 06, this scruffy and outdated farmhouse was given new life.

28 May, 2017

Before and after: reviving an apartment in historic Seville

Home renovations can be intimidating. Even when we know we want a change, it can be difficult to envision anything beyond what we’ve grown accustom to in our drab old homes. Luckily, there are interior design professionals that specialise in…

27 May, 2017

A wonderful renovation of a Malaysian apartment

Our today's ideabook takes you to Klang, Malaysia wherein our experts at Alecc interior design have completed a renovation of a wonderful apartment that measures 180 square metres.

From dull to divine: The makeover of a boring home

The renovation of this 109 square metre apartment in South Korea was lead by the team at Light & Salt Design. The apartment was in a dire state prior to the transformation.

07 May, 2017