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Before and after: 5 head-scratching kitchen renovations

Ready for some more incredible remodeling? We here at homify love to show you examples of jaw-dropping room transformations with the hope of inspiring you in your endeavors, and today we're looking at kitchens.

06 May, 2017

Before and after: a small garden transformed into a summer paradise!

Who doesn't dream of having their very own pool in their back yard? Yet often, this dream is not realized–whether it's due to yard size or funds. But that is certainly not the case with this inspiring project from the Argentinian architects of CC Arq…

28 April, 2017

Before and after: a remodel that reinforces a retro character

 With the passage of time styles inevitably become dated, and home’s require maintenance and even some remodelling due to the natural wear and tear that occurs over the years. However, there’s definitely something to be said for a home with soul; an…

26 April, 2017

An old fashioned home gets a charming renovation

If you feel like you're falling out of love with your old home, then don't rush out to look at the property market just yet, it may be that all your home needs is a good renovation! Sometimes the true charm of a home is just waiting to show itself, h…

21 April, 2017

A young couple with little money magically remodeled their apartment

Remodeling. You can associate the term with negative concepts like too much money, too much time, and not enough output, or you could do what this couple did and say forget that garbage, we want a new space without spending all of our money and give…

19 April, 2017

They transformed a gloomy flat with magic of white!

The standard home layout is constantly changing with the times. And while you live your lifestyle and family composition has changed, you may feel inconvenienced or want more comfort than ever before.

12 April, 2017

80m² apartment is renovated with a reduced budget

 Today we’re taking a look at an inspiring project by architects, Ark in Progress. The apartment, located in Cesena in northern Italy, has been completely renovated; transforming a drab, rundown property into a super-stylish modern home.

04 April, 2017

Before and after: 5 kitchens are transformed

When you begin undertaking any home design project, you'll always want to learn tips and tricks from the best, but even with expert advice, it can be difficult to get everything you need in order.

24 March, 2017

5 bathroom renovations that will leave you in awe

When you see how effectively someone else has renovated their apartment, it can be hard to refrain from the thought that maybe you need to do something more important than, say, buying new salt and pepper shakers for the kitchen.

23 March, 2017

Small, modern and comfortable: an enchanting transformation on budget

 Today we’re visiting a small apartment located in Dortmund, Germany, which underwent an incredible refurbishment. Turning an obscure and small apartment into a brilliant space, with lots of light and style, is not an easy task.

02 March, 2017