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Commercial articles tips & information

Retail Store Design for a luxury brand

A store’s design and layout are almost as critical as the products that it sells. If the brand has a unique design identity, it is essential to pay close attention to it. This luxurious and sophisticated space houses the Jimmy Choo retail store in Ca…

08 August, 2019

11 of the best black and white chequered floors

Classic American diners, Scandinavian bathrooms and grand lobbies and entrance galleries all have one thing in common—back and white chequered floors can give them the statement they're looking for.

27 September, 2016

10 ideas for the modern home

In today’s world, a modern home can mean many different things. There are a few elements, however, that seem critical: it must be functional, stylish, and representative of the people who live there.

18 June, 2016

6 ways to deep clean your house

Stuff piles up in your home – there’s just no getting around it. Clothes get left around, dishes pile up in the sink, and dirt and dust settle on every available surface. Even if you regularly clean your home, there are some areas and surfaces that r…

07 February, 2016

6 tips to increase your home's value

Any major addition, change or renovation to a home is a costly investment. Doing something to significantly alter your home can be nerve-racking and it should be approached thoughtfully.

30 January, 2016