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Break All Rules: 21 Images to Mix Patterns And Colours Like A Pro

When we have different moods at different times of the day, why do we need to stick to one pattern or colour theme throughout the house or maybe even a room? The cool thing about doing up your home yourself is the freedom to experiment with these ver…

26 May, 2021

How to clean and restore wooden beams

Wood is one of the most popular, useful, and versatile materials used in home construction today. It can be used to make furniture, dining room table and chair sets, and probably most notably, wood is used as a supportive frame for houses.

22 October, 2020

10 wonderful ways to hide ugly walls

Everyone has at least one wall in their home that is, for some reason, persistently unprepossessing. Whether it be because of a recurring water spot, a hideous series of pushpin holes, old Sheetrock or just a patent plainness, we all agree it would b…

22 October, 2020

Fantastic IKEA Furniture & Accessories Just Perfect for a Tiny Living Room

Love it or loathe it, you cannot simply ignore IKEA. It has been instrumental in revolutionising the interior of modern homes. And, if you are fond of the clean and simple forms of Scandinavian furniture then you have an added reason to go for IKEA f…

03 February, 2018

9 Tips to protect your wooden house from termite attacks

Who doesn’t love to live in a cosy wooden hut in a scenic spot? The structure is so beautiful. Besides, the interiors remain cool in the long summer months and comfortably warm in the winter. But trouble comes at the onset of the rainy season.

14 November, 2017

Metropolitan Heights: A London Apartment with a Chic Interior

The apartment we are going to show you today is designed by Pal Pang, an interior designer with international acclaim and multiple award wins. He designed this apartment for his client in London.

06 November, 2017

6 DIY Scandinavian designs you'll want to copy for your home

There's a lot of talk these days about Scandinavian design. In fact, it's hard to have a conversation about design without referencing the simple and chic aesthetic of our noridc friends.

12 July, 2017

Organize your shoes in a creative and original way

Do you have plenty of shoes but not enough space? Don't worry, we've been there, and that's why we've gathered examples of how to get creative and store your favorite shoes out of sight.

06 July, 2017

10 simple and smart cleaning tips for the perfect house!

Our today's idea book is slightly different from the usual. Instead of presenting an elegant house, we have sorted for you a list of easy but extremely smart cleaning tips that will help you to keep your house neat and well-maintained.

6 Scandi-style kitchens that are ridiculously on-trend

In recent years the Scandinavian style has come back into the limelight for its timeless features, high-quality design and functionality. Those of you that are designers, or love design, can probably claim that you've always adored Scandinavian and D…

31 May, 2017