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10 Creative Garden Storage Ideas you will Appreciate in your Home

Think of garden storage and the first image that pops up is that of a shed standing somewhere in the corner of the garden. However, in contemporary homes, especially in cities, not all are blessed with a sprawling lawn with a distant corner reserved…

15 December, 2020

Unconventional garden fences that are excellent alternatives to standard ones!!

To maintain privacy and also for marking their property people tend to create fences made of barbed wire, stone, bricks and wood. There are several alternatives that one can use for fences depending on budget and property size which can look amazing…

15 November, 2020

7 amazing benefits of interior courtyards

Architecturally, courtyards make perfect sense. They give the residents of a home a private outdoor space, which is secure and usable throughout the day. With its natural ventilation, a courtyard helps the house stay appropriately warm or cool withou…

25 October, 2020

Garden furniture ideas to enjoy great outdoors

Greenery around the boundary of a house gives it an inviting aura and is also good for its inhabitants. Decorative flower plants in colorful pots around the house periphery and lawn creates pleasant surroundings for family to relax during evening or…

06 July, 2020

9 Items that Bring Negative Energy in Your Home

Many homeowners love buying such things as lucky bamboo or statues of Ho Tai to welcome health, happiness and good fortune in their lives. However, while decorating your home you must not only invest in new items but also throw away some of the older…

14 April, 2018

10 Top Façade Colours for Every Modern Home

Thinking of building a new home soon or planning to give your old house a new look? Then you should not miss out on our today’s post. Today, we are going to show you not only some of the trendiest designs for modern residential buildings but also col…

10 April, 2018

Country Heights Damansara: A Luxury Malaysian Home with a Spectacular Design

A contemporary family home not only needs to have a trendy design, but should also be ultra comfortable for those inhabiting its space. Contemporary design abhors excesses. Minimalism is the key to decorating a stylish yet comfortable home.

06 April, 2018

9 Ideas for Charming Balcony and Terrace Décor

Famous poet Fernando Pessoa reckoned that for ultimate satisfaction he only needs a small garden and a book in his hands. Life in modern cities can at times be suffocating. There is hardly any scope of establishing a close relationship with nature.

05 April, 2018

5 House Design Inspirations Just for You

A beautifully designed house is a big comfort for those who are occupying or are about to occupy its living space. It is also a treat for the eyes of those who come to visit your place or see your dwelling from the outside.

04 April, 2018

5 Elements According to Feng Shui that Bring Misfortune in Your Home

Feng shui has very strict guidelines for every corner of your home. If you have benefitted from using feng shui while decorating your home in the past, you would know that there are design elements that must be avoided following feng shui.

01 April, 2018