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The golden rules of garden planning

A little planning goes a long way in life, especially when it comes to garden design. Without proper planning, you might just miss something that's an essential element that will piece everything together just right, but have a game plan and your gar…

24 May, 2017

20 little gardens that you can easily copy!

Are you itching to get out into your garden to let your creative juices flow, but aren't sure what exactly you can do with your small outdoor space? Well, look no further! We've found a bunch of spectacular small gardens that will not only give you t…

22 May, 2017

13 small gardens that are easy to recreate at home

Small and tiny homes have come to prominence over the last few years—but have you considered tiny gardens? With a lack of exterior space and strict budgets, small gardens are a great way to add both colour and live vegetation to your home and your…

16 May, 2017

20 of the cutest small houses you’ll ever come across

“I will eat a piece of the roof and you can eat the window. Will they not be sweet?” Does the very mention of these sentences bring back fond childhood memories? Do you still feel tickled by Hansel and Gretel’s bread and cake cottage? Then it is quit…

15 May, 2017

Simple yet powerful: A family residence with a lot of heart

Arquitectura Mas was founded and spearheaded by young architect Carlos Santillán Bastida. He hails from one of the prominent historical regions of Mexico named Bajío. Carlos Santillán Bastida has an old head on young shoulders.

12 May, 2017

11 beautiful courtyards to copy at home

Nature is our inspiration and we have a tendency to want it very close to us. Whether we have a small garden the front of the house or in the backyard, our connection to nature is important because it keeps us close to the energy and beauty of plants…

10 May, 2017

20 TERRER terraces that would be perfect in Malaysia!

We have the top 20 totally TERRER terraces that would be simply amazing for a Malaysian home right here at homify today! Each and every one of these stunning terraces will blow your mind and get you dreaming about your next design inspiration…

05 May, 2017

Woodworking: Build your own wooden deck, step by step!

When the summer starts we all look forward to spending time outside and relaxing during those hot days! A terrace is certainly a definite asset to anyone's home and it is the most popular place during warm seasons.

24 April, 2017

12 great ideas for decorating your garden

There's hardly anyone who would not like to experience nature on a daily basis. However, our busy schedules, rising costs, and an urban lifestyle have been few of the many reasons why we do not have adequate greenery around us.

More privacy in your garden: 17 wonderful ideas

Whether you enjoy a sunny afternoon in your garden playing with your children or organizing a barbecue with friends, or taking a short break on the terrace while reading a newspaper you certainly want to have your privacy and not to have each and eve…

06 April, 2017