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Highlights of the week articles tips & information

Top 5 of comfortable and beautiful modern family homes

So many of our readers have families, and those of us with families are always searching for new ways we can make homes the perfect fit for the needs of each family member. That means coordination in style and function.

26 March, 2017

Top 5 design ideas for all home owners in Malaysia

When a young couple decided to renovate their apartment on an extreme budget and ended up with a totally modern and functional home that fit their every desire, our readers jumped on the opportunity to read up on it and figure out a way to achieve th…

19 March, 2017

Top 5: decorating and renovating on a budget

For your comfort and convenience, we here at homify like to take our most viewed posts for the week and gather them all together for you. Why? Because we know what you want to learn most and we can't think of a better way to show you we're listening…

12 March, 2017

Top 5: how to look good, inside and out

Picking the interior design style that you want is something we all have to do when furnishing our homes. And all you have to do for that is figure out what vibe you want for your interior and what decorations and colours you like best.

05 March, 2017

Top 5: Feng Shui tips for good vibes and better living

Here at homify, we know what interests you most. How do we know? Well, we just take a look at our most viewed posts! And in light of the recent clicks, we’ve come to find out that positive vibes, modern homes, and kitchen styles are your top prioriti…

26 February, 2017

Top 5: the most important dos and don'ts for your home

Just bought a new house? Or are you renovating your old one? Then there quite a few things you need to consider before you get to work. What you don't do when designing or renovating your home is just as important as what you do do, and it's good to…

19 February, 2017

Top 5: designing and upgrading the modern home

One of the most frequently asked questions for us here at homify is Where do you even start when it comes to designing a home?–or better yet What's the best way to upgrade my home without depleting my bank account? As home and living specialists, we…

12 February, 2017

Top 5: best ways to boost your home inside and out

We know your love of home improvement–we love it just as much as you do, and hey maybe even a little more. But who has time nowadays to browse through endless photos and articles to come up with the perfect home solution? Not a lot of us, that's for…

05 February, 2017

The 6 home trends of 2016 to leave firmly forever!

2016 has certainly given us quite a few gorgeous design trends. Some trends are classics that will live on longer than us, while others have reached their expiry date. Well, we think we've all felt it–that intense pull of a stylish and hot new interi…

31 December, 2016

5 ways to update your home for February!

When New Year's rolls around, we all make resolutions to change in our lives for the better–whether it’s adjusting to our diet, creating a financial plan, or getting more organised.

31 December, 2016