20 Impressive Exteriors That Breathe Grandeur

We are too wary of our home interiors, paying little heed to what comprises the dialogue of our home with the rest of the world! Our minds keep getting confused with the innumerable bunch of options that surround us whenever we start to think of exte…

09 June, 2021

17 Modern and Minimalist Home Designs to Inspire you

In this era of a fast-paced world, minimalism and simple living have become the new way of life. The professional architects are creating stunning design following the minimalist design philosophy.

13 February, 2021

10 Modern Houses with White Exterior Shining Bright

Modern, minimalist, and then monochromatic, the recent home décor trends emphasize simplicity and elegance. When choosing the exterior color, white is a popular choice for its crispness and brightness that make an impression to last forever.

10 January, 2021

9 Beautiful Ideas to Build Cheapest House on a low budget

Building a house is an expensive affair as everything from the labor to material cost shoots your budget, and often you end up paying much higher than you had planned. When we talk about building a house, we do not only mean the bungalow or independe…

12 December, 2020

10 Amazing Prefabricated House Designs to Inspire You

Think prefabricated houses, and the images that flash through our minds are disaster relief structures, cheap homes, or commercial establishments. However, in modern times when time is money and people are looking for quick and hassle-free home const…

22 November, 2020

9 simple houses that encourage to build your nest

Every family aspires to build their own house that can shelter generations but sometimes the cost factor forces them to postpone their dream. We dedicate this idea-book to home aspirants who want to own their small plot of land along with their hou…

28 August, 2020

10 Luxurious Villa Designs You Could Swear By

Bringing yourself home to a luxurious villa could sometimes give that feeling of spending some extra bucks from your savings. But, there's never a reason to worry because all villas nowadays are featured with astounding looks and posh finish, making…

26 February, 2020

7 Small Houses that will Inspire You to Design Yours

A small house is a perfect choice, especially when you love compact living that is totally blessed with clutter-free life on the outskirts of the city. Small houses are the best idea when it comes to sustaining of families with 4-6 members.

15 December, 2019

10 Mind-Boggling Rustic Spaces that You Will Love for Your House

Rustic is anything that well resembles a countryside finish to decor or furnishing that complements the overall look of the house. A few hints of rustic attired materialization is a great idea to brush your house with a perfect amalgamation of sturdi…

18 October, 2019

9 Items that Bring Negative Energy in Your Home

Many homeowners love buying such things as lucky bamboo or statues of Ho Tai to welcome health, happiness and good fortune in their lives. However, while decorating your home you must not only invest in new items but also throw away some of the older…

14 April, 2018