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Interior architecture articles tips & information

9 Low budget ideas to renovate your home quickly

Many complain about their small or boring homes because the lack of space or budget limits their creative skills which they would like to apply to make it exciting and beautiful.

29 August, 2020

How to use white color in interior design

People in general consider white as an antiseptic tone best used in formal environments like offices, spa or hospitals. While stylish white interior decor themes have been trending time and again but these are again limited to specific rooms like kit…

25 August, 2020

Creative staircase designs for modern homes

Apart from the feature walls, chandeliers and attractive decor items what would you like to add to the house to make it unique? Have you ever considered the thought of making staircase as special element or decorative part of the house.

08 August, 2020

6 Open floor house trends to copy

In recent years interior designers and decorators are increasingly experimenting and considering open floor layouts that offer unrestrained spaces or rooms not limited by walls in modern formats.

30 June, 2020

Exposed brick walls as an interior style element

Renovating an old house or trying to give a unique look to your home? A brick wall could solve interior design problems within budget by bringing industrial, rustic or uber cool look to different parts of your house.

27 June, 2020

A beautiful spa in Selangor to soothe mind and body

In the fast paced lifestyle that we have today, relaxation of the body and mind is needed to rejuvenate and work with renewed vigor to achieve our goals. In this ideabook we are going to showcase and describe the details of a reflexology spa designed…

26 June, 2020

12 ways to embrace minimalist interior designs

Minimalist design style is characterized by simple and spare decor, clean lines, limited silhouettes and muted color palette based on the logic of “less is more”. Though interior designers and decorators using this style do not shrink away from using…

24 April, 2020

7 Tips to create your home theater

With rising movie ticket prices and problem of traffic snarls everywhere, going for a movie with the entire family and having a great time outdoor has become expensive for most families.

06 April, 2020

10 colors for painting your small room wall

With the summer fast approaching we know how uncomfortable small rooms can become specifically if they are in close-knit neighborhoods with limited tree cover. The claustrophobic feeling can get exacerbated if your walls are too bright and colorful o…

24 March, 2020

10 Beautiful modern home designs for the urban family

Several factors have contributed to changes in the shape, design, and patterns of homes around the world. With the help of new technologies, improvements have been made to make buildings more long-lasting and safer.

19 March, 2020