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Flaunt Your Home with these 10 Spectacular Small Kitchen Ideas

Having small spaces in your house is never a drawback as long as you know how to make optimum use of the entire ambience. And we should never forget that being compact actually paves the way for that cute yet chic finish!So today at Homify, we're goi…

31 January, 2020

Dazzling Lighting Ideas and Tips for Small Kitchens

While every room in your house has its own importance and sophisticated detailing, your kitchen is never an exception to oppose this fact. This cooking paradise of yours is that lovely destination for aromatic bakes, crispy fries, and mouth-watering…

22 December, 2019

Stunning Kitchen Trends 2019-2020: Blissful Colors and Rich Materials!

A well-organized home fused with a tastefully designed kitchen is an unavoidable reason to flaunt the looks of your abode. While your kitchen is not a space for frequent renovations and ornamentation, a one-time investment of an idea should do it all…

10 October, 2019

3 Most Striking Examples of Sliding Doors for Your Small Kitchen

Welcome back to the world of Homify where we have you covered on everything about architecture, homes, and a lot more! Today, we have chosen to be a bit crisp and concise on our topics, yet giving you every detail about something fascinating.

26 September, 2019

6 Spectacular Ideas to Crafting the Most Practical and Beautiful Kitchen Cupboard

Saving space while enjoying that clutter-free look is one of the most sought after expectations in every home. And yes, we are talking about that wonderful food paradise of yours— your kitchen! A neatly aligned kitchen space with all the essential…

23 September, 2019

15 ideas for a perfect kitchen/dining room

 Designing your dream kitchen and dining room can be exciting, but also a stressful process! The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas of the home, and the dining room where you are most likely to entertain guests, so getting these rooms…

29 April, 2018

9 Items that Bring Negative Energy in Your Home

Many homeowners love buying such things as lucky bamboo or statues of Ho Tai to welcome health, happiness and good fortune in their lives. However, while decorating your home you must not only invest in new items but also throw away some of the older…

14 April, 2018

15 Surprising Small Room Design Ideas

Small room décor at times can turn out to be a challenging task. But it would not be so if you find just the right inspiration to decorate your small living room, bedroom, dining area or home office.

13 April, 2018

7 Spaces with Innovative Furniture for Small Homes

While decorating a small home it is highly essential to invest in appropriate furniture. Multifunctional furniture designs work very well in a small home. There are some other aspects of furniture that you should remember while planning to design a c…

12 April, 2018

10 Inspirations for a Charming Small Kitchen

Small kitchens have bothered many homeowners for long. But modern design has ensured better living in small spaces. Many apartment homes in Malaysia now have a kitchen in less than 80 square feet space.

11 April, 2018