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Living room articles tips & information

30 Incredible Ways of Glamming Up Your Living Walls

Charming wall décor can instantly increase beauty and glamour of your living room. And, who doesn’t like to invite guests in a stylishly decorated home? Today we will share with you a platterful of ideas about choosing the right décor for the living…

08 February, 2018

14 Spectacular Pergola Designs for Your Terrace

Your terrace can easily become a comfortable and inviting leisure irrespective of its dimensions. A well-planned terrace could be the perfect place for you to unwind at the end of the day or enjoy occasional parties with friends and family members.

07 February, 2018

Über Cool Loft with Lots of Creative Design Inspirations

The stylish loft apartment that we are going to show you today will take you by surprise. Its cosy style is praiseworthy. But what sets it apart is its creative interior design.

06 February, 2018

Modern Scandi Cool Apartment with Interesting Details

Scandinavian décor is especially preferred by the modern homeowners. It helps them to design a clean, simple and organically sustainable home for themselves and their family members.

05 February, 2018

6 Kitchen Renovations on a Small Budget

Kitchen renovations can quickly turn out to be a householder’s nightmare. From planning to plumbing there are so many steps involved in a kitchen remodeling project. Your budget could easily get upset in the process.

04 February, 2018

Fantastic IKEA Furniture & Accessories Just Perfect for a Tiny Living Room

Love it or loathe it, you cannot simply ignore IKEA. It has been instrumental in revolutionising the interior of modern homes. And, if you are fond of the clean and simple forms of Scandinavian furniture then you have an added reason to go for IKEA f…

03 February, 2018

5 Amazing House Design Ideas for Your New Home

Planning to build a new home soon? Searching for attractive house design ideas? Then this is the right place for you. The 3D visualisations of the house designs that we are going to share with you today are bound to tickle your imagination.

01 February, 2018

10 Beautiful Yards that You Would Love to Own

Proximity to nature helps us unwind and relax in peace. A green surrounding is so essential for your home. Even a small garden has immense capabilities of beautifying the façade of your home.

31 January, 2018

6 Super Affordable Single Family Homes

Cost of housing is on the rise. In many major cities of Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Malacca cost of building a single family house is at an all time high.

30 January, 2018

22 Detached Houses Just Perfect for a Small Family

A small and cosy family home remains a lifelong dream for many. And, you are about to fulfil this dream very soon. Congratulations! A word of caution though. In your enthusiasm to build a shelter for yourself and your family, don’t hurry through the…

29 January, 2018