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15 ingenious stairs that take up little space

There are things that you cannot do without in a small house or apartment, especially if it is a house with two floors. The staircase is such a vital element that you cannot remove it, no matter how much you might want to.

09 February, 2024

8 Inspiring front porch decoration ideas

Just as the living room and foyer are the face of a home and give guests an idea about home owner's status, the façade and front porch enhance its curb appeal. Even if the porch is small with a slim verandah and few steps leading up to the door it ca…

27 October, 2020

7 Terrace Designs that will make You Fall in Love with Your House

There are many benefits associated with designing a luxurious terrace. It improves the look of the façade. You and other members of your family get an opportunity to sit down here and relax for a while.

20 October, 2020

10 Amazing Ideas to Get that Gorgeous Entrance to Your Home

We all know that first impression is the best impression. Well, this piece of a saying fits well on the home front too! A well-structured entrance actually fosters the essence of what your home interiors has to offer for guests.

01 December, 2019

10 Mind-Boggling Dressing Room Ideas That You Will Love!

Whether it is dressing up for a party or an evening date, you got to look the best!And when we talk about all those blush and shimmers and even those wonderful neckties, well, you've got a place to store it all.

03 November, 2019

9 Items that Bring Negative Energy in Your Home

Many homeowners love buying such things as lucky bamboo or statues of Ho Tai to welcome health, happiness and good fortune in their lives. However, while decorating your home you must not only invest in new items but also throw away some of the older…

14 April, 2018

15 Surprising Small Room Design Ideas

Small room décor at times can turn out to be a challenging task. But it would not be so if you find just the right inspiration to decorate your small living room, bedroom, dining area or home office.

13 April, 2018

7 Spaces with Innovative Furniture for Small Homes

While decorating a small home it is highly essential to invest in appropriate furniture. Multifunctional furniture designs work very well in a small home. There are some other aspects of furniture that you should remember while planning to design a c…

12 April, 2018

Making Things Simple: 5 Tips for Keeping Your House in Order

Cleaning and maintaining a house may, at times, seem to be an uphill task. It is especially difficult for today’s extremely busy homeowners. But it is such an important task that you cannot afford to ignore, especially, when you care so much about th…

07 April, 2018

Country Heights Damansara: A Luxury Malaysian Home with a Spectacular Design

A contemporary family home not only needs to have a trendy design, but should also be ultra comfortable for those inhabiting its space. Contemporary design abhors excesses. Minimalism is the key to decorating a stylish yet comfortable home.

06 April, 2018