Luxury in the Bathroom: Tips and Trends for an Exclusive Space

In a reality where everyday life increasingly demands that we find time to relax and rest, the bathroom has become more than a functional space. Today, it is a personal sanctuary, a refuge where luxury meets practicality.

03 February, 2024

Complete Guide to Downspouts: Discover Types, Installation and Prices

Downspout: What is it? The gutter is a construction element that has the function of collecting rainwater that runs down the roofs so that it does not come into contact with the walls.

03 February, 2024

8 things that say "it's bad luck to have at home"

Some people are superstitious, others not so much. What kind of person are you? Do you care about these things?The truth is that we spend a lifetime listening to certain things and they end up becoming ingrained in our heads, assuming them even on…

02 February, 2024

20 house facades you should see right now (to get the most inspiration!)

Being able to count on a rendering or 3D model of the design of our future house gives us a clear idea of how it will be once built, without the need to lay a single brick. In these visualizations we can see the final product in detail, with the poss…

42 ideas to create a small and surprising garden

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large, lush garden. Sometimes we have to be content with a small and rather impersonal space, which with a little imagination could, however, be transformed into a charming and fascinating corner.

01 February, 2024

What is the most suitable material for kitchen countertops?

Plan a kitchen! One of the important issues that you must decide before starting construction or renovation is the materials to be used for kitchen countertops and cabinets, and how this material will contribute to the space's decoration.

20 Impressive Exteriors That Breathe Grandeur

We are too wary of our home interiors, paying little heed to what comprises the dialogue of our home with the rest of the world! Our minds keep getting confused with the innumerable bunch of options that surround us whenever we start to think of exte…

09 June, 2021

Break All Rules: 21 Images to Mix Patterns And Colours Like A Pro

When we have different moods at different times of the day, why do we need to stick to one pattern or colour theme throughout the house or maybe even a room? The cool thing about doing up your home yourself is the freedom to experiment with these ver…

26 May, 2021

13 Dazzling Terraces That You'll Want for Yourself

Dreaming of a better way to decorate your outdoor space? Terraces are a space we often overlook, but it's a place we often spend a lot of time with our guests. Why not spruce it up a bit and make it more glamorous? There's plenty of options for takin…

21 May, 2021

Decorative Stairs: 12 Stunning Designs to Wow Guests

Stairs are an important part of the two-story home — why not decorate your stairs as you do the rest of the house? Making your stairs a little more interesting by redesigning or adding decor such as rugs can elevate your home easily.

24 April, 2021

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