10 family houses that you can build on your own


Set the Trend on Fire with these Eye-Pecking Dining Room Ideas

How we love those aromatic pies and hunger-tingling grills being carried out to the dining table! A tray full of muffins and steaming soups to go well with crunchy ginger bread and what not…

16 February, 2020

Classy Materials for Kitchen Countertop

Gone are the days when kitchens were just a traditional destination where your family's best nutritional goodies came from! Any kitchen without a proper countertop would not only look cluttered but also a mess.

08 February, 2020

The Perfect Commercial Interiors to Highlight the Best Office Designs

Almost all of us know what an office culture looks and feels like. Words are not enough to express the feel of walking into an office brushed with top-notch professional looks and classy materialization! And you might've just guessed what we're talki…

01 February, 2020

Flaunt Your Home with these 10 Spectacular Small Kitchen Ideas

Having small spaces in your house is never a drawback as long as you know how to make optimum use of the entire ambience. And we should never forget that being compact actually paves the way for that cute yet chic finish!So today at Homify, we're goi…

31 January, 2020

Trending Wall Covering Ideas Not to Be Missed this 2020!

When it comes to home decor and interior designs, there's just one word that rules this department—Focus focus and of course FOCUS! Putting your home interior concepts to practice could sometimes become a tedious task and you really have no idea abou…

26 January, 2020

Amazing Bathroom Trends to Follow Up this 2020

This 2020 is definitely a well-planned year for all your resolutions, routines, and of course, a mind-blowing home makeover! When we speak about home decor and the A to Z related to it, we really mean to cover each and every corner of your house.

22 January, 2020

Interior Design Colours that Set the Trend this 2020

If you look forward to making a cheerful 2020 that flaunts awe-inspiring looks in every corner of your home, then you're at the right place! As usual, your beloved Homify is always there to help you out in choosing everything innovative you need to c…

19 January, 2020

Dazzling Lighting Ideas and Tips for Small Kitchens

While every room in your house has its own importance and sophisticated detailing, your kitchen is never an exception to oppose this fact. This cooking paradise of yours is that lovely destination for aromatic bakes, crispy fries, and mouth-watering…

22 December, 2019

7 Small Houses that will Inspire You to Design Yours

A small house is a perfect choice, especially when you love compact living that is totally blessed with clutter-free life on the outskirts of the city. Small houses are the best idea when it comes to sustaining of families with 4-6 members.

15 December, 2019

7 Amazing Things that You can do with an Empty Room

If you have an empty room in your house, then you're in fact blessed! If you want to know why then the reason is quite simple and astonishing. You get a chance to refurbish that empty space into something spectacular and lavishing.

08 December, 2019

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