10 family houses that you can build on your own


Designing luxury interiors with one of Malaysia's top designers

Luxury can be a difficult style to nail down as it there isn't one set formula or rule to how it should be created. Luxury is definitely found in the feel of a space. There are however a few key elements that you can find in all luxurious spaces:Rich…

20 March, 2019

4 key ideas for perfect office interior design

Creating the right office space is more than just having the right desks and work equipment for employees. Office interior design can completely shape the mood and productivity for a company as well as how they are perceived.

20 March, 2019

The Homify guide to designing a Malaysian bungalow

Bungalows are great looking single-storey homes and offer space, style, and simply a comfortable setting for any day. This ideabook is focused on bungalows and how great they are.

28 February, 2019

7 Beautiful living room ideas worth considering

Whether you have a big living room or a small one, decorating it with utmost care is essential. It is because a living room or space is usually the meeting point for the entire family as well as visitors.

06 February, 2019

Luxury chandelier and more lighting ideas for 2019

Getting the perfect lighting in your home is essential. Not only will it accentuate your décor and living space as a whole, but when done right, you’ll enhance your home and set the right ambiance.

29 January, 2019

Superb lighting ideas for your home

It’s amazing how just one simple interior item can influence a viewer’s perspective on how a place looks. Lightning is one of the most important features when it comes to home décor and it can contribute to how good, or not so good a space looks.

29 January, 2019

8 Beautiful design options for your living room

Whenever we invite guests over, a living room is the first place that they see in our house. For this, you need to design the area keeping a lot of things in mind. The list can include anything from a comfortable couch to the lighting.

16 December, 2018

Be swept away in a grand livingroom fit for royalty crafted by designers in Malaysia

Creating the perfect home is everybody’s dream. When it comes to the livingroom, you want to ensure that it's a display of comfort and your unique style preference. DMR DESIGN AND BUILD SDN.

14 December, 2018

A tour of a beautiful house in Malaysia

Designing the perfect home is a dream for all of us. For this, we put a lot of effort in searching for the right inspiration. The easiest way to find one is by taking a tour of existing home projects online.

30 November, 2018

Entryway designs by Kuala Lumpur design experts

Considering the importance of first impressions, one really needs to put some effort into the design and style of a home’s entryway. Imagine what a visitor would think of they stepped into your home for the first time and was met with a gloomy space,…

29 November, 2018

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