Kindergarten s.m.goretti extension by comoglio architetti | homify

Design: Comoglio architetti
Photography: Beppe Giardino

The project of a preschool section on the first floor of Santa Maria Goretti kindergarten aims at highlighting the play and creative abilities of children.
To avoid the formal rigidity of normal classrooms and the risk of the repetitiveness of life paths, we chose a more plastic solution, with a dynamic corridor without edges, too dangerous and improper in a children environment.
From this perspective, the corridor becomes a sort of scenography that follows the kids to the classrooms. On the wall there are Mirò-style abstract paintings that start from the lockers and go all the way to the classrooms’ doors.
The big art wall, warm and bright colored, is highlighted by the false ceiling that follows its line and lights it indirectly.
The classrooms floor are bright wooden and all the other surfaces remain white, giving so a warm and tender atmosphere to the environment.
The floor in fact is the most important element for the young guests of the school, because they are always in straight contact with it and it has an orientation function when they move from one room to another.
Also the furniture are bright woodened; they are put next to white tables, reminding the previous contrast, in order to favor an integrated interior design.
The aesthetic of the kindergarten melts order and calm harmony from outside with fantasy and creative atmosphere from inside, in order for the children to have a formative and playful experience everyday and to recognize a place where it is possible to grow.

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