11 k-waks by studio k-7 designs pvt. ltd modern wood wood effect | homify
11 K-Waks by Studio K-7 Designs Pvt. Ltd Modern Wood Wood effect
11 K-Waks by Studio K-7 Designs Pvt. Ltd Modern Wood Wood effect
11 K-Waks by Studio K-7 Designs Pvt. Ltd Modern Wood Wood effect

The central courtyard with its

dry landscape is the focus for the entire house as each area is accessed from here.

Courtyard at the upper level acts as entry to the master bedroom and has a deck on the other side. Courtyard toilet is accessed from inside the master bedroom. Master bedroom deck wraps around the bedroom and establishing interactive spaces between lower level of living room and the pool deck.

Pergolas extending much beyond cast a play of light and shadow during the day creating interesting patterns. These cantilever projections also act as visual frames for capturing panoramic landscape. Swimming pool comes as a relief for the heavy mass above and casts reflections of sky creating different moods at different times. Glass windows allow plenty of sunlight during the day. Orientation and the overhangs make sure that the light is diffused most of the time. Also they create visual transparency and allow nature to peep into the house.

Every room has been provided with its own sit-out either as a small deck or a terrace, to give its personal connect with the landscaped spaces outside. The landscaping includes a waterbody with a bar deck that makes up the ideal place to entertain guests in the evening. Since the owner also, wanted to have a private den, the slope again has come to the rescue by enabling us to create it by filling the space under the waterbody and bar deck of the garden.

While excavating for the foundation, it was discovered that there is an underground water stream running below the location of Mom’s bedroom. Taking advantage of the same, natural water trough was created below the bedroom and rainwater was diverted to get ample of water storage. Solar heaters were installed on the top terrace for hot water and also the garden lights which run on solar power.

Use of natural materials like leather finished cudappah and in situ flooring blends perfectly with the concept of week end house and also the climatic conditions.

A perfect fusion of traditional courtyard planning with straight line architecture, this week end house represents contemporary lifestyle without compromising on the Indian ethos.

Colour: White
Material: Wood
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