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by 何侯設計 Ho + Hou Studio Architects Modern
by 何侯設計 Ho + Hou Studio Architects Modern
by 何侯設計 Ho + Hou Studio Architects Modern

此樓中樓的設計靈感來自勒‧柯比意 1935年的油畫創作Femmes xx siecle 的顏色及他如何用光線及顏色之搭配創造出令人印象深刻的室內空間。業主希望此設計是簡單的但他不希望是一般極簡的白與冷灰。
公寓主要為一對年輕夫婦及一對一歲大的雙胞胎的生活空間。我們決定的主色為:深巧克力紫、淺橄欖綠及一深一淺兩個米色。這些顏色成為組織空間內量體及牆面的主要依據。它們幫助界定空間的邊緣及長形空間的流動性,當然最重要的是顏色也成了選擇材料及質感的基準。樓梯主要是以橡木皮染色,樓梯的側板為壓紋的美耐板。地板的材料主要為洞石集成材,Linoleum 環保板及染色水泥。天花板則有如一塊塊上了色的水平畫布。

This is a duplex penthouse apartment in the heart of Taipei. The clients requested a design that would focused primarily on their nine months old twins. Child safety and comfort was of major concern.

While their functional concerns were taken into account, there were two issues that defined the project. The first was the design of the stair element that connected the two floors. The stair placement and design evolved through many iterations. The placement of the stair needed to be spatially efficient and space defining. The final placement of the stair allowed it to be a divider between the entry foyer and the main living space with wrap around view. The design of the stair begun as a light steel and glass version, though not very child friendly. The final stair is essentially a tube with solid rails that took care of safety issues, while becoming a strong design element.

The second defining design issue of the project was color. The client wanted to get away from the grey/white minimal aesthetic of their previous house. A more sophisticated design solution was required. By accident, we stumbled upon a painting by Le Corbusier, ------. The painting is filled with rich pastel hues. It became important to us as a way to create a color palette for the project. And through this use of color, we were able to find a new aesthetic. We developed a four color scheme of beige, dark beige, taupe, and brown. Different materials were assigned to the each color to create a rich combination of textures. Belonging to each color palette would be materials as diverse as spray paint, Formica, stone tiles, cork board, ..etc. The lexicon of colors and textures is to code walls, floors, and ceilings as abstract planes. Spatial qualities such as enclosure, separation and extension could then be expressed through colors.

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