Oakwood village house—front door by solares architecture eclectic bricks | homify

This project was a major renovation for a young Toronto family who wanted to invest in their future now by making their existing home work for them for the long term. Energy efficiency and budget were top priorities, so early on the couple decided to utilize the existing space – about 800 square feet per floor (including basement) – and not build any additional space.

The family’s goals were to bring in more natural light, make the house more comfortable, lower their utility bills, modernize the space to their personal taste, and dramatically increase storage.

The finished house perfectly reflects the family’s lifestyle, with formal and informal gatherings, family time and quiet time, enjoyment of their dog, and plenty of local amenities an easy walk away. The finished interior echoes their taste in clean, bright spaces with warm wood accents.

Colour: Brown
Material: Bricks
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