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by HJF建築室內設計 Ho Jia-fu Interior Design Co., Ltd. Modern Marble
by HJF建築室內設計 Ho Jia-fu Interior Design Co., Ltd. Modern Marble
by HJF建築室內設計 Ho Jia-fu Interior Design Co., Ltd. Modern Marble

擷景懷秀 /View-Catching Pleasure




Design is a process to both solve functional problems and give a sensible response to the psyche of the people who dwell within. The commission to designer started from requiring land and ended up with occupation. Designer pondered the advantages of the site, ample with good views, and tried to build a house in good relationship with nature.

A fence defining an enclosure of sky gives a visual focus to an internal garden, bigger than 992 square meters. The building then sits sturdily in a central position and reveals the calm colors of white, gray and black. The main gate is large and divided into driveway and pedestrian path. The fence is equipped with a hidden lighting system to give the border a mystical lighting effect. The internal court is dominated by a pond with a perfect reflection of the building, particularly its long eave. This sublime view redefines this structure by proclaiming a statement of rigorous beauty and signifies that water is element that washes out all that is wrong on the outside.

Interior space displays spatial ambience in a subtle melody. The lobby space has an extra height ceiling with a backlit glass panel. Projected images of the lighting fixture linger on the surface of the brick wall like a sundial. An L-shaped partition wall in the living room sets the border between this space and the dining room; behind the wall there hides a public bathroom. Large windows in the public zone invite natural lighting to enter and provides a view to the garden greenery. Yet some parts of the enclosure wall use punctured openings to frame views that are particularly pleasant.

Colour: White
Material: Marble
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