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Modern walls & floors by Squares design studio Modern
Modern walls & floors by Squares design studio Modern
Modern walls & floors by Squares design studio Modern

We were approached by an NRI client who wanted us to design a residence for his parents living in a densely populated residential area in Secunderabad. He had a clear requirement of a duplex house comprising of ground plus two levels, compliant to Vaastu, to be designed in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way with a modest budget. Now the challenge posed to us was that we had to work with a structure whose skeleton had already been executed. However, the client granted us complete freedom and trusted us to choose a design scheme which would best suit the purpose.

With a cuboidal (definite) structure at hand, the spatial requirements have thusly been distributed; parking area along with office space and domestic help’s accommodation on the ground level; common spaces like drawing, kitchen and dining, Puja, store room and parents’ bedroom on the first level; private spaces like children’s bedrooms, family lounge and a home theatre on the second level.

Design concept :

After considering various approaches, we narrowed down the concept to design with angular forms and lines drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese Origami art. Thus the process lead us to offer a completely custom-made residence with a modern take on the elements of Origami art incorporated to the very last detail.

One can observe the detailed inlay works, flooring patterns, furniture, stairwell, railing and décor working perfectly in unison with the colour palette offered to each space with respect to function.

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