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Staircase First Floor Ideation Design Stairs Concrete Grey
Staircase First Floor Ideation Design Stairs Concrete Grey
Staircase First Floor Ideation Design Stairs Concrete Grey

Located in the suburbs of Bangalore, this home is a perfect example of space optimisation and comfortable living. Built in a 30' x 40' site with a carpet area of approx 2000 SFt, this home encourages its inhabitants in enjoying from both a quiet individual time to fun family time with multiple social spaces to host their guests.

From pillar-less car-porch to double height living room, private  balcony, garden spaces, 4 bedrooms with attached washrooms and a cozy split-level terrace for beer and barbeque, this home has it all.

This home is an expression of attention to detail and that—size doesn't matter…  

The site is situated in the upcoming Sarjapur road IT corridor extension. As the adjacent sites are vacant with no building or structure at the moment, and also due to the uncertainty of the form or footprint of these neighbouring future structures, we decided that the best way to ensure that the natural light and ventilation stays positive is to capture all from the front of the building. However, the building being west facing with harsh afternoon sun hitting the facade, we limited the number and size of the openings. Instead we created a private balcony at the split level between the ground floor and the first floor that pours in natural light and ventilation in abundance. This private balcony also becomes an anchor in bringing the outside garden to the living spaces. The private balcony with a combination of privacy brought in by terracotta jaali-blocks and the openness brought by skylights (both covered skylight and open-to-sky cutout) makes this space a perfect retreat to spend a morning coffee or a lazy afternoon. 

The entrance is consciously made to human scale with Jaali curtain wall of 7' height to give a very cozy home feel. The foyer is also kept to the same 7' height. This space then expands into a double height living room creating a sense of surprise.

The light to the inner rooms in ground floor are further enhanced through the presence of the corner slit window on the facade, bringing in a playful path of sunlight that moves through the afternoon.

Material palette is kept simple with exposed concrete to bring in rawness and a sense of calmness to the living space. The terracotta jaali with its pattern brought together by multiple jaalis, bring in privacy at the entrance door and also for the balcony. The flooring with its yellow, green and red chips in white base cast-in-situ terrazzo, brings in an element of surprise and becomes a perfect partner to the raw concrete stairs and otherwise simple interiors.

Colour: Grey
Material: Concrete
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