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modern  by Deltareference, Modern
modern  by Deltareference, Modern
modern  by Deltareference, Modern

It saves storage space, it is quick and it is easy to install?

That’s FlipCrown, an innovative product that let’s you flip your handlebar parallel with your toptube, so you can store your bike and save space. Once you have installed FlipCrown, your bike only takes up the space of the width of the frame, which is less than half of the width of your handlebar.

No more cramped hallways or trying to pull out your bike from in between all those bikes in the bikerack. Loosen your handlebar with our Pocket size FlipCrown tool, flip it 90°, fasten it again and off you go! No more fiddling with the correct height or the perfect alignment of your handlebar. With FlipCrown it is always in the right position.

“We invented FlipCrown because as bike freaks we were fed up with not being able to put our bikes in the hallway. Plus, my wife didn’t like the chipped-off paint… We came up with an elegant solution that is both discreet and easy to install.” Designer Patrick Jacquet

“I didn’t want to leave my bike outside anymore. I bike to the office every day and every morning I was worried about my bike being stolen, or exposed to rain. I finally found a solution to take it inside again. FlipCrown is small and simple, but this solution has a big impact.” Inventor Rob De Schutter

And for those who wonder: FlipCrown wasn’t only developed for the fixed gear lovers. It can also be installed on the ride that takes you to work every day or those wheels you use to go shopping. You can even lock your flipped handlebar when you’re out for drinks. No bike thief who would consider to steal something like that, right?

Aren’t you in a DIY mood? Or do you think you need a new bike? They also offer the SlimBike, a retro bike with of course the FlipCrown, but also with quick release pedals. And as a bonus you get the custom bike shelf, so when you don’t ride it, you can hang that beautiful piece of art on your wall.

Head on over to their Indiegogo page to pre-order your own FlipCrown. FlipCrown: Slim your bike!

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