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Modern houses by Aadyam Design Studio Modern Stone
Modern houses by Aadyam Design Studio Modern Stone
Modern houses by Aadyam Design Studio Modern Stone



Site area 6400 sft, built up area 5250 sft.

Elaborate programme – 5 bed room, kitchen and dining in each level, exclusive space for entertainment inclusive of swimming pool, landscape water bodies are introduced as thermal regulators

The design stacks multiple residences (2) for co-existing generations of a single family on the site.

The design is amalgamation of several diverse layers and needs. The context of trees, zoning, clients requirements and insistence of vaastu, subtle climatic interventions all reconciled in a seamless space. The idea evolved into a notion of pavilion - inter weaving of the landscape with the built form. The space recede from the street edge to orient the spaces towards the swimming pool and landscape area, which is seen as an extension to the other spaces at the lower level.

The house is designed for openness as the key criteria to combine both the built and un built spaces.

Glass is used in plenty to enhance the transparency between the interior and the lush green exterior landscape. All levels of habitation have been designed to accentuate continuity between the living spaces.

Clean –line details, a restrained palette of materials and open floor plan work towards a stark minimal identity.

Modulation of light: Being in any part of the house, one is subtly reminded of nature with changing character of sun light. The public areas are not strictly divided into room, but rather as interconnected series of overlooking spaces with view of landscape

The house has huge opening and skylights to allow ample amount of light to enter the house throughout the day.

The living room pavilion opens up as an extended deck to the pool fronting the living areas. The organisation of the living-dining and common areas revolves around the naturally lit landscape and pool areas. All boundaries disappear as the landscape interlocks with the built form.

During the day, the living areas fills up with natural light screening inside through the large French door which showcases the huge landscape beyond the swimming pool. The light also filters in the house with sky lights strategically placed. The stone cladded wall which runs throughout the building from Ground floor to second floor help to visually unify the theme throughout the house.

In keeping with lush greenery, the house is decorated with tropical palate of bright colours to complement natural wood tones of furniture, fixture and flooring.

Basic principle of architecture has been applied to house with use of art and art objects make spaces of timeless quality. Toilets on upper level have landscape peeping into the area. Master toilet has skylight and kids toilet detailed with stone slabs vertically placed overlooking the trees.

The design becomes more about EXPERIENCE than form alone.

Material: Stone
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