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Natural Light Design Studio is a small creative studio in Istanbul, focuses mainly on natural visualisation and design.


Mankind is advancing every single day. Future technologies are developing in a pace that was never predictable in the past. We, as NLDS, our aim is to do as much research as we can in areas of future materials and technologies, and think in the most innovative and creative way on design to take a leap forward on how we think of the future. Today we are advanced and taking trips to space stations, but what we search for is, a breakthrough in design, possibilities and thinking. Therefore we try, as hard as we can, to be innovative and to think in different brain paradigms.

Professional Work & Clients:

 NLDS works with notable clients on a global scale, and delivers astonishing work with good and efficient collaboration.

Company awards
Letter of Recommendation—Authentic Lofts (2013)
Baglarbasi, Tolga St. 55 / 6
34844 Istanbul