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Architecture. The age old question whether it is art or science. Can it not be both? Absolutely, and this is not the only thing that Architecture is about.

Architecture is omnipresent. We encounter and interact with it daily.

Architecture is intimate, visual, warm, inviting and all encompassing. It is first love.

That initial cheeky smile. The warm cosy blanket. Its about relationships.

Relationships between landscape and structure as well as the structure and those

that inhabit it. Architecture in its utmost basic form is space divided.

It is however the process that one follows to achieve the divided space that

matters. Whether it's the juxtaposed master suite with panoramic views

right on our doorstep or the 700 square meter industrial working kitchen in

Zambia. Here we create architecture. 

Our dynamic design office based in the small coastal town of Port Alfred offers so much

more than just pen to paper. As Architecture molds the relationship between the

landscape and the structure so we mold the relationship between our clients and

their happy place.   

Shop 1, 16 Wharf Street, Wharf Street Trading Post
6170 Port Alfred
South Africa
+27-873504023 www.jparchitecture.co.za


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