Ansari Architects


"CREATIVITY BEYOND IMAGINATION". Ansari Architects and Interior Designers is an award winning architectural firm located in Chennai, India. Our main specialization and focus has been High End Turn-key Villas and Independent Homes.

We seek to create climatically responsive, socially considerate buildings, comfortable, inspirational, future adaptive to their users. Our Projects are both economically and environmentally sustainable. We seldom design a building without taking the climatic and environmental factors in to consideration. This approach often results in highly maintenance free and sustainable buildings. Our work encompasses Hi End Luxury Villas, institutional and corporate projects. We provide full range of architectural services for our projects from inception to completion. We have extensive experience of providing our services in different contractual arrangements (Design only, Contractor Management and Design & Build solutions)

Flat G3, Nanda Apartments, No. 21/7a, Habibullah Road, T. Nagar
600017 Chennai, India


Awesome Architects. Excellent at Planning and Execution of the Projects beyong our expectations......
9 months ago
I shot multiple mail for initial quotation and connected with one of the front desk officers for an update.. But I Never got an update about anything. They are being unresponsive and not even connecting with budget oriented customers. Even if they are not ready to accept the proposal, they can still spend some time with us to explain the things right..? But it doesn't happen with them. Really I didn't expect this from Ansari Architect when I saw their customer reviews and YouTube videos..
over 1 year ago
I have reached ansari architects to renovate my house. I have been shared with a contact named faizal. He showed his least interest on the call and dropped the call abruptly and never picked up. Even I tried to connect with Mr. Ansari via linkedin. Both went useless.
over 1 year ago