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What are the Pros of Hiring an Architect in Shah Alam?

The reason for hiring an architect in Shah Alam City is quite simply that they are close to you, and site visits would not be a problem. It also means that they are able to have more control over the project should any problem occur, or simply to ensure that everything goes according to plan. 

Furthermore, the city is in the state of Selangor. Shah Alam City architects have first hand knowledge of the city environment. That includes site sizes, land slopes, and directions. They do not have to do any research on the weather, or any other aspects that need to be considered when it comes to building, or drawing up a plan. 

The weather in Malaysia – and in particular in Shah Alam City – has a definite influence on the construction of homes, and that makes an architect from this city an ideal candidate. The temperature has a year long average. It does rain throughout the year, and varies between 100mm to 300mm, depending on the time of the year. The Shah Alam City architects take all of this into consideration when they are planning, and constructing homes in Shah Alam City.

How much does it cost to build a house in Shah Alam City?

Architects in Shah Alam City, and throughout Malaysia, have to be paid according to a scale set by the government. This is a set minimum scale of fees under the Architects Rules of 2010. The reason for this is to protect the prospective clients against exploitation. However, even this does not prevent the high cost of the actual construction of the homes. 

All over Malaysia, including Shah Alam City, the demand in housing is rising sharply. This adds to the rise in costs of construction. The cost also increases since the individuals in the Shah Alam City in particular have a huge demand for personalization of homes. This is where the architects step in to create an individual aesthetic. The terraced homes that are also more costly are also more in demand. 

In Shah Alam City, the most important part of housing is the modification of the older terraced homes. These costs can be between RM 10,000 and RM 29,999, and this is only for the front section of the house. These renovations, or modifications add to building costs, as people desire to change the appearance of their homes.

What are the Restrictions for building in Shah Alam City?

Shah Alam City is the capital city of the state of Selangor in Malaysia. This means that all restrictions that are valid in the rest of Malaysia are valid here too. That means that you need an approved plan, preferably by an architect, is a requirement as with the rest of the Malaysian states.   

The architects in the city of Shah Alam will be able to give you the best options as well as the best advice when it comes to creating a legal structure. For example, for the renovations discussed above, the residents need to make applications in a formal letter to make any changes to their homes. Building on a slope has the same restrictions in Shah Alam City as in any other area in Malaysia. The constructed building has to be strong enough to withstand landslides. This means that the Engineering Department has to be involved.

Characteristics of Shah Alam City architecture?

Shah Alam City boasts an incredibly beautiful mosque. This deserves to be mentioned, as it is not only the state mosque of Selangor, but it is the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia. It is important to mention too, as its aesthetic beauty is emphasized in its large blue stained glass dome. You can imagine what an atmosphere it would create on the inside.

The Shah Alam City Council building shows some evidence of a modern structure. It attracts attention as it has blue tones. The high-rise section is particularly interesting as it is not one flat white color, but is divided into blue and white levels.  

Shah Alam City is a city with an architectural difference. It is amazing how each city in Malaysia has its own set of architecture to establish its cityscape. In the case of Shah Alam City, the city’s tree lined streets create a very comforting, quiet, and peaceful place. The buildings are also mostly modern compared to that of other cities, simply because Shah Alam City has had more new developments recently. It shows very little evidence of typical Malaysian architecture. The common elements, though, are once again the indoor-outdoor lifestyle in the structure of the homes.

Perhaps a good idea is to mention the recent i-City that would include a full complex of living, entertainment and business. It will also include a wide range of entertainment such as a snowalk, a wax museum, a space center, and digital lights in the theme park. The aim of Shah Alam City was to create the best global i-City. It is also known as the Smart City.

Even though the area in Shah Alam City is not as Malaysian as one would think, it is also not extremely contemporary even with the theme park.

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