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Nest Interior Decor
Welcome to Nest ID, a full service interior decorating firm, here to help you design, build and primp your Nest. We offer
Студия дизайна Interior Design IDEAS
Главное направление студии дизайна IDEAS - создание интерьера по психологическому типу личности, индивидуальная работа с
SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy
SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy is a graphics design, home styling and renovation consultancy in the Philippines
Marina Sarkisyan
Дизайн и декорирование интерьера.
Erika Winters® Design
Design runs through Erika´s veins. Now with a Showroom located in 2509 S. Carolina St. San Pedro CA 90731&nbsp
STUDIOTALENT nasce nel 2006 dalla collaborazione professionale nel campo dell’architettura tra Maurizio Macciocchi e Cosimo
Model Projects Ltd
Working solely in 3D, Model Projects empowers homeowners to create their dream home. Clear communication of proposed spaces
Design for Love
Design for Love è stato creato da me, Valeria Gelsomino, geometra con la passione per l'arredo, gli interni, la fotografia
SeFa Design by nature
crasco design studioはグラフィックデザインやwebデザイン、インテリアデザインなど、企業や社会が抱える問題を幅広いデザインの力で解決するブランディング会社です。 アウトプットされるものだけをデザインするのではなく、デザイン
Judith Byberg
I was born in Roskilde, in Denmark, in 1963. I moved to Italy in 1976 and obtained my school leaving certificate from an
BARASONA Diseño y Comunicacion
BARASONA Diseño y Comunicación, es una empresa que nace en el 2005 de la mano de su fundadora Carmen Barasona. Estamos especializados
Edelstahl Atelier Crouse:
Californian Design meets German Engineering. We are exclusive Stainless Steel Designers, Californian and Franken born and
Tiendas On
Especialistas en diseño y tendencias. Ofrecemos las últimas tendencias para mobiliario, decoración y contract. En Tiendas
Vegni Design
Dal 1971 industrial design, interior design, web design e comunicazione.

What do designers do? 

Designers are the professionals responsible for drawing plans and sketches of potential buildings for them to be built. An architect is one of the widely known designers. If you want a particular style of a house, an artist will draw blueprints that contractors will use during the construction process.   

The plan a designer draws include the outside overview and the floor plan. However, some designers don’t include a detailed plan. They only draw an outside outline of the house. Some of the materials they might use in designing your home include paper, protractors, pencils and rulers.   

With the improved technology, currently, designers use some specialized software applications to plan accurately and faster than before. You can get such high-quality designers in Malaysia at homify who know how to use any tool to give you the desired design you want. 

The second type of designers is the interior designers who are responsible of sketching particular rooms so that they can have proper furniture placement, good color coordination among other decor items. Such designers work with architects to ensure you get what you had in mind. Some designers at homify can perform both functions.   

You not only need a designer when you want the new home but also when you want to upgrade your home. Your kitchen might need remodeling, or maybe you might need an additional room. Designers at homify can assist you to get any improvement you want in your home.   

How do I find a high-quality designer?   

Hiring a professional to design your home will need extra efforts. Finding a high-quality designer in Malaysia is not that hard. You only need to look for verified sources to make your search easy. Below are some tips you can apply so that you can get an ideal designer.

Personal referrals. You can get personal referrals from friends, family members and your co-workers on the ideal company. From references, you can get testimonials from their encounter with respective companies. Check your neighbor’s project which seems to be awesome and learn more about the designers who worked on that project. Directories As a homeowner, you can get good designers from local directories. Try the white pages and yellow pages which have company contacts and names with their range of services. You will be able to call as many companies as possible. 

Online referrals. From online referrals, you can get a broad range of designers from different well-known companies. You can check from companies like homify where you will get not only designers but also other high-quality home improvement professionals.   

What do I need to look for when hiring a designer? 

Before hiring a designer, there are factors you will need to consider. First of all, how many years of experience do the designer have? Three years experience will be good. An experienced designer has the skills needed to give you perfect results and as well, the previous projects they have been working on, so you can get an idea about his/her professional skills. Make sure that you clearly communicate what you want to be done and let the designer assure you that the job can be efficiently accomplished. You can do this by using photos of similar projects. Finally, before hiring a designer, let him show you the samples of the jobs done before and also provide you with the contacts of his previous clients. At homify, we have designers and samples of their projects which you can view directly on our website. 

What other professionals do I need for my home? 

You know your home better. After precisely analyzing it, you know the areas that need improvement. If you want a new house, you will need almost all home improvement professionals. Below is a list of other professionals that you might need in your home.


Anything related to woodwork is the job of a carpenter. A carpenter will make sure you have nice cabinets and doors. Carpenters cooperate with contractors and interior designers to make sure that anything related to woodwork and framing has been constructed accordingly. 


What color would you prefer your home to have? It will be up to you to decide depending on your preferences. After choosing the color that you want, painters will do the final finishing by painting different parts of your house. 

Kitchen Planners 

You need a certified kitchen planner to work on the outlook of your kitchen. As long as you give the designer the clear picture of how you would love to structure your kitchen, kitchen planners will do the rest. 

Designers can give your home a sense of style. Getting a decent home requires efforts of different home improvement professionals like constructors, masons, architects and landscapers among others. Credible companies like homify can make your home fashionable and modern because it has all necessary professionals for your home.