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An interior architect is a professional who interacts with you to identify your needs and creates interior spaces accordingly to your needs, as in the end your home should be a comfortable and a pleasant place to be. It reflects your personal style and should be lovely. It is the responsibility of an interior architect to design interior spaces like walls, windows, doors, and furnishings. Interior designers can help you avoid costly designing mistakes and help you turn your dream home into reality.

A room should be aesthetically pleasing, and interior architects will make sure that is achieved by making sure that all materials used are not only durable but also attractive. They are skilled on what color to choose, and what textures to put in each space.

Your taste and preference will determine how your interior space will appear. Interior architects refinish spaces in your home according to what you have in mind. This will require the architect to interact with you and the construction team from the beginning of the project until the end.

Moreover, interior designers are aware of local building regulations and will design the interior space having that in mind. These professionals take part in the remodeling process by drafting the design plans. The plans include placement of walls, doors, windows, electrical system, plumbing, ventilation, and furnishings.

How do I find a high-quality interior architect? 

Are you struggling to find an interior architect in Malaysia? It is very easy to find a high-quality designer. Your home is a crucial financial asset, and you must be careful when hiring any professional. 

Check advertisements. Most home improvement professionals advertise their services on TV, radios or print media. Check on the ordinary professionals that many people have hired and speak positively about them. Do not be tempted to use the lowest bidders because you might get low quality services. ·     

Search for them online. Another ideal way you can find them is online. Homify is one of the authority websites where you can find high-quality interior architects in Malaysia. Compare their portfolios. You will get very nice photos of their projects, and you can choose the one that inspires you most. At homify, you can also get to know their budget. ·         

Referrals. Family members, friends, and real estate agents play a vital role in giving out information about professionals they trust. They can refer to you the interior architects who provided high-quality work to them.

What do I need to look for when hiring an interior architect?

After searching carefully for an interior architect, you have to look at individual elements before hiring the person. The following tips will assist you. ·         

Qualifications. It is important for you to know the education and experience of the professional you are planning to hire. He must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in interior architect. He must also have a license and three years experience in his work. ·         

Assemble your design ideas. What models do you want in your home? Have you gathered examples of finished projects that pleased you? If you do this, the interior architect will have a clear picture of what you want and ensure that end results are pleasing. ·         

Talk about your budget. Before hiring a person to let him know what you have. Be clear about the upfront amount and what you are going to pay later. Give the designer room to talk about his/her budget and the two of you should come to a consensus.

What other profession do I need in my home?

Apart from interior architects, you need other professionals to improve your home. An interior designer works with other professionals to accomplish your goals. Remember that you need to do a deep research to ensure that you get the right people to work for you.

You don’t have to strain to look for them because homify has made everything easy for you. We have all professionals needed for home improvement. In this case, make your search based to that particular professional in Malaysia. The following are other professionals you might need. ·         

General Contractors

You will need contractors because interior architects can’t work alone. They are the ones that will follow specific instructions you gave out. They watch the laborers and direct them on what to do. ·         

Roofers and Masons

If you want an ideal home, you need a Mason. A Mason works on floors and walls. Masons follow all instructions given by the Civil Engineer. Roofers deal with roofing according to the roofing material that you would want. 


You need a carpenter because there will be the need of somebody to deal with wood. A carpenter will frame your house and work on finishing. Anything to do with windows, doors, and cabinets is the task of a carpenter. Many professionals have to work together to make your home safe and striking. You need to hire electrical engineers, civil engineers, plumbers, and landscapers. Apart from interior architects in Malaysia, Homify has other professionals you need to complete every task at your home on time.

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