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Renato Fernandes - arquitetura
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Gavetão- Decoração de Interiores
Patrícia Maia, designer de interiores, formada na ESAD-Fundação Ricardo Espirito Santo, é a alma deste projecto e a responsável
SUGUI Design é uma marca registada de projetos de mobiliário, de produtos e de espaços interiores do sector comercial e
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Sejam quais forem as suas necessidades, mais complexas ou mais simples, a GF Designers de Interiores tem a resposta
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Um projecto abrangente no âmbito do Design de Interiores e das Artes Plásticas. A primeira destas vertentes, surge como

What do Interior Landscape Designers do?

Interior landscaping is a fast growing industry that combines the lush outdoors and sophisticated indoors for a design scheme that has a strong sense of inside out continuity. Bringing in a patch of green and incorporating it into your interior design scheme is what interior landscape designers do best. This new but eye-catching trend has become very popular among people looking to make their indoor space lively with plants and greenery. 

From lobbies done up with a profusion of pots and planters in varied style, to atriums, courtyards, creepers running over pool rooms, planters mounted against kitchen windowsills, and walls of greenery in homes, offices, hospitals and malls - greenery is busy making inroads into our lives and changing the landscape of traditional interior design. Large palms and bonsais are busy rubbing shoulders with creepers, pretty flower pots and trays of succulents to create a green theme that can be integrated into any school of design, and even the décor for various events. 

Interior landscape designers build a green connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces. These professionals can efficiently handle an architecturally backed vision where interior design and outdoor detailing come together seamlessly. Here is a list of things they do. 

Design: Interior landscape designers will first of all, take stock of the space that you want to design. They will create a design depending on the basic interior design scheme already running through the space. In some cases, they may even suggest a whole new design for the space to accommodate the greenery in a more organic, wholesome manner, instead of making it seem like an afterthought. They will create a strong visual appeal with the help of design elements like furniture, tapestry, lighting and structural elements like shelves and pillars, to merge and come alive with greenery designed into the scheme of things. The designers might work with decorative plants, ornamental plants and even herbs and other easy to grow vegetables for an indoor kitchen garden! 

Arrange: These designers will arrange for the exotic plants and create architectural details like shelves, pillars and planters to hold the same. Where required, they may even create alcoves, false ceilings, an indoor trellis or even a courtyard with a roof for the greenery to be installed. The installation of the greenery too, will be done by these designers. In certain cases, they may take the thread of the existing interior design scheme, and let it continue onto the terrace for an inside out landscaping plan. 

Care: Whether it is a kitchen garden, or a wall of lush, living greenery in your living room, interior landscape designers are also well equipped in the art of tending to these plants and the greenery. They also offer services in maintaining the greenery or can give you pointers on how to do so yourself, depending on how much time you can give to the whole process. Caring for indoor plants in an enclosed space has different implications, and an interior landscape designer is proficient in this process along with his regular interior designing skills.

How do I find a professional interior landscape designer in Kampung Baru Subang? 

Finding a professional interior landscape designer in Kampung Baru Subang is a matter of getting in touch with someone who will share the same vision you have for your space. You can take the help of the following methods to zero in on the best suited expert. 

Referrals: Nothing works better than a referral. Inspired by your friend’s living room? Ask for the designer’s details. In love with the ambiance of green at your favourite restaurant? Ask the manager about who’s behind the look. It really is as easy as that. Once you have decided to get on the landscape interior designing bandwagon, all you have to do is notice spaces and ask after the visionaries behind the ones you like. Spread the word and get referrals from family, friends and colleagues. A referral will always get you a reliable name that has been tried, tested and obviously favoured. 

Online: Get your search engine started and run over the internet with a fine tooth comb to find interior landscape designers in Kampung Baru Subang, or a nearby area. Remember to search for websites that have reviews, information and lots of style. The online face will point to the quality of work that the designer does. Portals that list designers, crafting and home décor websites that showcase the work of various designers, as well as individual websites designed for various designers. You can also check the listings on homify and see their contact details to get in touch easily. These are all good virtual sources to find an interior landscape designer who will suit your requirements. 

Yellow Pages: Take help of the traditional yellow pages and have a look through the home, interiors and design sections. It will list various designers and you can ask a few top names to give you information on whether or not they are into this kind of designing.

What do I need to look out for when hiring an interior landscape designer in Kampung Baru Subang? 

Qualifications: The interior landscape designer should have a degree in landscape design, or interior design or interior landscape design. Interior landscape design is being offered as an undergraduate program and a master’s program at many well known colleges and design schools. Additionally, ask about the designer’s knowledge of house plants and indoor plants to find out how much he or she knows about this area, as well as the care of such plants. 

Reviews: Get online or ask for references and speak with people. Read reviews on the designer’s website or any other portal where he or she has been featured, to find out more about the quality of work. Also, speak with some references and find out about the designer’s punctuality, reliability and other such factors. 

Reliability: Check with the designer about the work force employed and what kind of materials he or she will be using. Ask for the names of brands that they use for installation equipment, other garden material and raw material. Research them online to find out how good these brands really are. 

Fair Prices: Take quotes from two or three interior landscape artists and designers to get a fair picture of how much your project will cost. You can easily request a free quote from the professionals on homify for example. In addition to that speak with people who have had such installations done to know what you are getting into. Compare prices and check the quality before you settle on the designer of your choice. 

Competent Consulting: The more you talk, the more you will know! Remember to speak with your prospective designers in detail to gauge their level of knowhow, and to see what kind of deadlines and processes they adhere to. If they fully satisfy your queries and can convince you that they know their job well, it will make it easier for you to choose the correct team or individual. 

How much does an interior landscape designer cost and how can I keep the cost down? 

Cost is a major factor that makes us think twice before we embark on a big project or a big purchase. A project like interior designing or landscaping is quite expensive, and it is usually considered as an investment. So here are ways in which a designer can charge you, and ways in which you can cut costs. 

Hourly Rates: Some designers charge consultation rates and hourly rates separately for their projects. You can find out about flat rates and hourly rates and compare the two in order to find out which one will be more beneficial. 

Prices Vary: The cost of the project will generally vary depending on the square footage that you want to cover in terms of the area of your space, as well as the materials used. Certain plants are hybrid and exotic and may cost more, while the addition of decorative architectural elements will increase the price too. 

Curbing Costs: You can cut costs by employing local labour and sourcing them on your own so that the designer does not charge you extra for the same. Also, you can opt for locally grown plants which will end up damaging your pocket a little less than the exotic versions of greens. 

What other professionals and services do I need for my home in Kampung Baru Subang?

While interior landscape designers get busy in adorning your home, office or any other facility with brilliant indoor green design schemes, here are some other professionals who can come in handy too. You can contact them easily on Homify.

Gardeners in Kampung Baru Subang – Both indoor and outdoor gardens need ample care, especially if they have been carefully landscaped by a designer. And a skilled and knowledgeable gardener knows all about raising plants, watering them, cutting and pruning them, controlling weeds and preventing pests and diseases. He will also be aware of the exact amount of nutrition, air and water needed by each type of plant in your garden. So whether your interior landscape features evergreens, flowers, herbs, or vegetables, a gardener can take regular care of your private patch of green conveniently.  

Interior Designers & Decorateurs in Kampung Baru Subang – Along with interior landscape designers, you may also need to hire interior designers who can help you to put together an indoor space which is not just aesthetic but functional too. They might also work with the landscape professional to ensure that the greenery blends well with the interior design and decor.

Plumbers in Kampung Baru Subang – For installation, maintenance, repair or replacement of pipes in homes and offices, you definitely need a plumber. Besides arranging for the hassle-free watering of your indoor plants, a plumber can also help with any other pipe systems too. They can also efficiently design the layout of pipes for convenient transfer of portable water, drainage water or sewage water.