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What does a kitchen planner do? 

A kitchen planner is a professional who works together with contractors in designing or remodeling the outlook of your kitchen according to your preference. Are you looking for a way to transform your kitchen to make it more attractive than ever? You need this professional to make this dream come true. Thanks to homify for its home improvement professionals who are ready to take your kitchen higher than before.

If the flooring of your kitchen is cracked or stained, you need to remodel it. That is what kitchen planners do. They also remodel a kitchen that was initially ill-designed. When you need to update your kitchen and improve the value of your home, worry no more because such a professional will assist you to get what you can proudly share with your friends.

Kitchen designers are responsible for creating a new layout of your kitchen according to the instructions given. Your kitchen can be designed to accommodate multiple cooks or even parties. Kitchen planners deal with updating cabinets, counter tops and other appliances in your kitchen to make you enjoy your cooking experience.

Kitchen planners in Malaysia respect your decisions about the color that you would love to be used and the general layout. They ensure that the right materials have been used for flooring. These professionals assist you in aspects such as decorating and give you suggestions of the best designs if you don’t have an idea about it. They can help you to choose the right sink and other kitchen appliances. 

How do I find a high-quality kitchen planner?

You might have a beautiful vision about the kind of kitchen you want, but it becomes a challenge in the search for the appropriate kitchen director. In Malaysia, it is easy to find kitchen planners who offer the best services only if you have the right source of information. 

Newspapers and magazines. The good thing about the print media is that you can get an advertisement of home improvement companies together with their offers. They provide examples of their work and contacts. If you are impressed with the samples on their advertisements, you can try hiring them. 

Use the Web.You might find it easier to find a profession of home improvement from the internet. With the improved technology, you might prefer going digital because it is something you have at hand. Many websites offer home improvement services through their high-quality professionals. Homify is one of the websites that guarantees you best performing kitchen planners from Malaysia. You just have to specify your search on specific professionals you want from Malaysia. You will get a list of different kitchen planners from Malaysia. Check their profile and clients feedback. It is as simple as that. 

Social Media platform. Some professionals can be found on social media by searching the name of their hosting companies. You can also get clients reviews about them from the social media. Some have linked in profiles where you can check their qualifications. Word of mouth If you have a neighbor, friend or relative with a good kitchen layout, ask them who designed their kitchen. You can also ask anybody whom you think has the knowledge about any home improvement company in Malaysia. Homify is a well-known company that has served many people in Malaysia. 

What do I need to look for when hiring a kitchen planner? 

After finding a kitchen planner, what should you consider before giving out an offer? You deserve to get the best services you invested on. The way to go is to consider the following factors. 

Experience. Good kitchen planners should have at least three years experience.  Such planners should have the basic knowledge of interior design and architecture.  

Budget. If you find a good kitchen planner, your budget should also match that of the person you want to hire. Discuss with the kitchen planner so that everything runs smoothly according to your wish. 

Customer’s feedback. Before hiring a kitchen planner, find out reviews from previous clients of that particular kitchen planner. Were they satisfied with the services? If yes, go ahead and hire. 

What other professionals do I need in my home? 

Home improvement is a wide process that requires the services of different professionals. 

Civil Engineers 

Your house will be structured by Civil Engineers by reviewing if it meets all standards required. You will need Civil Engineers to ensure that your home is secure.


You need painters to handle both the outside and the inside of your house. These are the people who take much caution to give your home a sense of style by painting. 

Landscape Designers

Have you ever thought about the general outlook of the exterior of your home? It should be appealing and welcoming. It speaks so much about your personality. 

Landscape designers help you to choose plants of the landscape of your home and other features. Your home should be a place where you always long to spend your time. You can get experienced professionals at homify who are specialized in home improvement. Kitchen planners will enable you to have a lively kitchen where you enjoy cooking all the time and live the life you deserve.

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