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What do painters do? 

A painter is a professional who is responsible for any task involving the application of paint and decoration both interior and exterior of your house and other structures. A painter will prepare any surface that is supposed to be painted like removing wallpapers and scraping. 

If you had old paint on your house, a painter will remove it and paint it afresh according to your wish. Painters select and mix colors and clean the place after that. Apart from that, these professionals can also manage other employees working in your home and handle finances to ensure that you are satisfied. 

Some of the equipment painters use include scrapers, wire brushes, and abrasive blasting to make your surface sparkling. They seal cracks on the walls of your house before starting the painting process. 

Primer is applied on the surface of your wall after the cleaning process. You need professional painters because they have knowledge of the color theory. They will advise you on what color to select, and they understand what you need. You can get such painters at homify who can work with other professionals to give your home a good appearance. 

Oil, Varnish or paint additives may be used to get certain textures and colors. Painters at homify will ensure that you are satisfied with the end results. Moreover, they make sure that any staff hired to assist in painting has been paid. 

How do I find a high-quality painter? 

Finding a good quality painter in Malaysia will enable you to get the services that are pleasing. The following are some of the ways you can use to get good artists from Malaysia. 

The internet is an ideal place to find painters. In fact, it is the easiest way to find painters because you will also be able to check their profiles. Home improvement sites such as homify have a list of experienced artists from Malaysia.

Advertisement from the Media. The media is also a rich source of information. Different construction companies advertise their services and part of it is painting. You can check on various advertisement on the media and contact the business that impresses you. Referrals You must have come across buildings which have been painted well and attracts people from a distance. It is a high time for you to consult with the homeowners where they got their painters. 

Constructions firms. Most painters are usually registered with construction companies. If you want to get a first-class painter, get in touch with a building company in Malaysia, and you will be likely to get a painter. 

What do I need to look for when hiring a painter? 

Before hiring a painter, it is advisable to get some issues clear before creating the contract.

The following are some of the tips of hiring a painter. How much experience does your painter has? This will enable you to check the past projects done and clients’ feedback. Your budget. Your budget matters. Let the painter know your budget before beginning the job, so he will adjust the project according to the available budget. 

What other professionals do I need in my home? 

As a matter of fact, painters only work on the finishing of your home. You need other professionals on the improvement of your home. The following are other professionals that you need. 


Carpenters deal with framing of your house and anything related to woodwork. They work with constructors and masons to create a decent home. You can get experienced carpenters at homify and improve your home. 

Landscape Designers

Home improvement companies have landscapers who deal with home yards. You home needs a lush yard which gives a native setting. They deal with grass, soil and walkways to create a beautiful environment. 

Pools & Spas

How have you planned to relax during your summer days? Spending your time beside the pool side of your home can be refreshing. Hire a pool builder from homify and get a nice swimming pool for your home. 

After getting the right design of your home, it is a high time for it to be colourful. Hiring a painter in Malaysia from homify makes every dream you had for your home come true. Get the right professionals who will make your home the best place to stay.

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