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What do roofers do? 

Roofers are the professionals who are involved in installing, replacing and repairing roofs of different buildings. They use materials like metal, bitumen, and shingles. This is a process that involves climbing, bending and heavy lifting. If your roof is worn out, it is a roofer who will fix the problem out by doing the replacement. Whether you have a problem with your chimney or you want to have a new outlook from your roof, these are the professionals to hire. 

As a homeowner, achieving the desires of an attractive home can never be complete without roofers. After the foundation of your new building is done, it is the responsibility of roofers to install the roof and the ceiling boards. They have carpentry skills that enable them to work on the top foundation before putting the roof. Roofers can remove the old materials from your roof and put solid structures making your house appear new and decent. At homify, you can find talented and experienced roofers who know different roofing materials and can handle complex roof installation processes. The unique thing about roofers is that they ensure that your roof is uniformly installed through using accurate measurements and cutting any ugly protrusions like heating units, vent pipes, and skylights.

The most important task that a roofer does is to give you an estimation of what it would cost to complete roofing. Roofers at homify give out a reasonable estimate of the roofing process. They prepare you in advance to get ready on whatever expenses that you might need to provide. 

How do I find a high-quality roofer? 

You must be thinking about where you will find a high- quality roofer in Malaysia. Even though there are many roofers, not all are qualified to serve you. You need to have ideal sources where you can carefully search the kind of person you want to hire. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to find the best roofers in Malaysia. 

Online Sites. The Internet has many sources of information on home improvement professionals. Search for the home improvement database and specify your search on roofers. A good example is homify. It has a list of all home improvement professionals in Malaysia. Search specifically for roofers and check their profiles on qualifications, experiences, and reviews by their previous clients. 

Ask Architects.   As you start the initial stages of planning to build your home, the first person to hire is an architect. You can get good referrals from an architect because he/she works with roofers. Designers can help you find a reliable roofer whose price is friendly too.

Real estate agents. Real estate agents are a good source of information. They are the ones who connect buyers and sellers of homes. They know the professionals who deal with home improvement and will direct you appropriately. 

What do I need to look for when hiring a roofer? 

After making an effort to find a roofer, you need to analyze the job experience of that specific roofer carefully. How long has he been working as a roofer? Where has he worked and what are the samples of his job? If you are viewing an online platform like homify, check the profile of that specific roofer. Analyze the highest level of his education. If you get in touch with him, let him tell you whether he will carry the job himself or whether he will be subcontracting. 

An ideal roofer should have public liability insurance, and he should let you know what it covers. Before hiring a roofer, let him tell you whether he will supply the materials needed and the costs too. Does the roofer provide a warranty? Finally, you need to have knowledge of the general budget. Let the roofer tell you the estimated budget and talk about your budget too. If you can afford, go ahead and hire him.

What other professionals do I need in my home?

For a complete perfect home, you need other specialists. These professionals are not only required when starting a new building but also for the general maintenance of your current home. 


Sometimes you may have problems like blockages or broken pipes. Any issue related to pipes and water supply is the responsibility of a plumber to fix everything for you. 

Electrical engineers 

Electricity is currently a basic commodity that you can’t do without. It is a sensitive element that can only be fixed by a qualified electrician who has experience. We have qualified electricians at homify who are ready to connect electricity to your home safely.

Interior architects 

After completion of your new building, how would you like it to appear? It should be attractive. Interior designers take care of the outlook inside your house. It is such a pleasant feeling to get the kind of home you have always thought about. However, even if you have all the funds needed, you must get qualified professionals to take care of everything. You need to use homify as a credible resource to get roofers and other professionals for your home.

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