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The spring season is here! Which means it is the time for the annual spring clean. Clear away the clutter and breathe new life into your space by switching up elements in your rooms. Spring makes way for arrival of sunny days, new growth and new beginnings. Thinking about brand new bathroom tiles is a good way to start! You’ll find a variety of tiles, in beautiful designs and patterns, giving you a chance to choose the ones that match perfectly with your bathroom design.

While you go hunting for the perfect tile, many questions cross your mind; should you go for bold patterns or bright colours, plain tiles or textured ones. If you’re on a budget, consider starting with the floor tiles instead of renovating the bathroom wall tiles. Begin by looking at the tile trends for the season. Below, we have covered a few of the top tile trends to help you get started:


In the past, the colour blue has been one of the most used hues in bathroom design. Of recently, it disappeared but it’s back in the spotlight this season. Indigo, azure and turquoise shades in particular will be making a comeback. Feel free to experiment with the shade, think Moroccan inspired tiles in a hue of blue that are bound to add character to the space.


Choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom can be just as challenging as choosing the wall tiling. As floor space is usually a lot smaller as compared to wall space, flooring becomes easier to replace. Statement flooring is a big trend to watch out for this season. Plain tiles in solid neutral hues pack a big punch as well and help transform the bathroom instantly.


Natural elements are a classic trend that will be infiltrating homes this season. These elements add a hint of nature to the interiors that have otherwise been overwhelmed with technology. If you are not a fan of this, pare down your interiors with natural stone tiles. Some opt for wooden flooring that can be contrasted with natural stone or marble. These elements lend a spa like environment to any space, and contribute towards creating a more tranquil, soothing ambience. What’s more, these natural elements are also known to stand the test of time.

Other tile trends you can consider include herringbone and metallic hues, which instantly liven up a space, while adding character.

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