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Bathroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What should a perfect bathroom consist of?

Just like with any other part of the home, homeowners and designers alike are always attempting to create a perfect bathroom. Of course, this will always vary depending on the size of your home, the size of your family, your budget, your style and your tastes. Happily combining all these aspects is what we’re after here at Homify. A perfect bathroom should be a happy and functional amalgamation of everything from a fresh and light colour palette, high-end appliances and materials that handle heat, moisture and messes quite well. You should pay attention to your budget, your colour palette and the materials you have decided to use in your bathroom and if the perfect materials are hard to come by or afford, here at Homify we can help you find the right substitutes, or the right DIY projects!

Where to find bathroom ideas & inspiration?

There are always a couple great places to start when you’re considering a renovation or design project. Interior design and product magazines are one option, and walking through design stores with model-bathrooms can also give you a glance into the future of your bathroom. However, here at Homify you can find a happy medium while sitting in the cosiness of your very own home. We have developed an online database that allows you to search by room, style and even country so you can find the options and designers closest to you. Forget magazines and cut-outs laying around your home – why not create an online ideabook? This is the easiest way to remember all the great bathrooms and designers that you’ve found in one, easy place. Why not create an ideabook for each area of your bathroom – for example, the best showers, tubs, countertops, décor and flooring – and when you’re finished looking and ready to start ordering everything you need, you will have all the inspiration and products right at your fingertips to make the project move smoothly.

How do I design my bathroom?

Starting a design project or renovation is always the most nerve-wracking part. Sticking to the items that you’ve found and retain style guidelines is always the best way to go. We typically tell those searching for a new design to stick within a budget first and then to work on sticking within a proper colour scheme. Once the right colours are chosen, then you should have an easier time finding everything from flooring, to countertops and wall colour to towels, accessories and lighting. Just like when designing a new kitchen, you should make a list of the key appliances you will need for your bathroom – this should include the sink, shower, bathtub, flooring and countertops. Who wil be accessing your bathroom is another item on the list to think about – sometimes we choose to design guest bathrooms differently than our personal bathrooms and on Homify we have great options for both!

What colour-scheme should I use in the bathroom?

Colour is vital when designing every room in your home and the bathroom is no exception. The right colour-scheme, can create the right atmosphere and make the bathroom a welcoming, inspirational and enjoyable place to spend time. If you tend to use your bathroom for moments of personal relaxation, then consider deeper and more sensual colours that will promote harmony, meditation and relaxation. If you tend to use your bathroom to get ready and started for the busy days ahead of you, choose something bright, light and airy to get you up and going in the morning. Rich colours like violets, greys and even pastels can set you off in the right mood – however, make sure that the smaller your bathroom is, the lighter you’re keeping the colour scheme to create the perfect illusion of more space! Recently, we’ve lived using hotel bathrooms as inspiration because they always seem to get everything just right!

What about the walls and floors of my bathroom?

Similarly to a kitchen, bathroom walls and floors need to be both beautiful and functional. Bathroom floors and walls need to be able to properly handle moisture, heat and messes. Tiles are a great option for both the walls and floors and can give you an incredibly high-end look. For a more rustic or modern feel, sealed wood can give you a great effect as well. Some consider a more Eco-friendly bathroom option and that would be bamboo as it can handle spills, heat and moisture quite well! There are now, even wall papers that are water-resistant and water-repellant – so make sure your designers and contractors are explaining all of your options to you!

What about accessories for my bathroom?

Generally, since bathrooms are such functional rooms, accessories and décor might be an inspiration, but employing them in your bathroom is generally considered later. Choosing the right accessories can easily make or break the consistency of your design so it is important to get it right here as not to ruin all of your hard work! A rustic bathroom might include wood-framed mirrors and rustic wood floors, a modern bathroom might have uber-modern lighting fixtures and geometric accessories and an industrial-style bathroom wall include exposed pipes and plumbing as mere decoration for an instantly-chic look. The unity and cohesiveness of each room in your home is what you should be looking for and this is why sticking within a style and/or colour scheme is most important.

What do I consider when selecting bathroom lighting?

Again, similar to a kitchen, your bathroom lighting should be accessible, functional and bright. This is a room where hygiene is incredibly important, yet the space will undoubtedly be smaller than a kitchen, so figuring out great lighting can be a little tricky. We suggest that you use both natural and artificial light in your bathroom and that your artificial light should be attached to the ceiling, or to the wall so that’s out of the way and not interfering with the rest of the bathroom design. Also, if you have a nice-sized bathtub, we suggest you place this below any strong sources of natural lighting to bring the feeling of the outdoors, inside. This also means you can relax and read or sift through magazines while relaxing in your bathtub as well!

How can I plan the perfect bathroom?

Create an online ideabook here at Homify to make sure you’re utilizing all of your resources before you begin your bathroom design project. Our ideabooks make it easy to find specific rooms, great designers, inspirational projects and even local designers if you use our “Country” feature in the filter! If you find a local designer that you like, use Homify to contact them or get an instant, online quote. You can also submit a project for free view to discuss costs, designers and substitute options for a lower budget!

What if I have a small bathroom?

Working with smaller spaces is always slightly harder than larger spaces, but this should not prevent homeowners nor designers from experimenting with high-quality design. Smaller bathrooms will need to think more about the strategic use of lighting and colour schemes that will make the bathroom as inviting as possible while giving the illusion of more space. Mirrors are also a great way to give the illusion of more depth or space and their tendency to reflect both natural and artificial light is just what you need in a smaller space that might not have room for lighting ideas.

How do I renovate my bathroom?

Here at Homify we’re realistic – we realize that the renovation of a bathroom always comes back to budget, which is why you should consider in advance how much you actually need to change. Are there only a few small changes that need to be made, or do all the tiles need to be replaced? Replacing larger items and appliances such as the shower, the sink or the toilet, can be expensive and complex. Those who want to hold-off or defer a full renovation should focus on the smaller details to freshen up the bathroom. Even with a few small changes, the overall picture can change dramatically—change the shower curtain for a shower enclosure, or find a new and interesting cabinet for the sink. Maybe take some time and some extra change to fix the lighting fixtures – lighting can always make a huge difference in almost any room!

What are some of the most popular bathroom decorating ideas?

Eclectic-style bathrooms

The eclectic-style always involves combining elements of different themes, tastes and parts of your life to create a setting that is unique to you, or the homeowners. Materials like wood, concrete, ceramic, subway tiles, metalwork and unique wall paper can all be combined in one design to create dynamic patterns, textures and colours. However, as usual we have one warning with eclectic-style bathrooms— bewaregoing overboard in any eclectic-styleroom. Too much variety can create a chaotic design that doesn’t make any sense!

Minimalist bathrooms

Minimalism is all about bringing everything down to the normal foundations of design. It’s a focus on high-end materials and functinality, while creating a sleek and hygienic design. With the essentials left, you can find items that have elegance, timelessness and simplify – leaving you with more space, more organization and a higher-end feeling in general. Stick to lighter colour palettes and perhaps inject random colours through accessories and décor.

Modern Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms are similar to minimalist bathrooms in design, but also have some crucial differences. Modern bathrooms can be a bit more creative in terms of colour and accessories, but will always include those necessary features that meet current trends. They tend to be more flexible and leave you with the power t shift your tastes as trends change as well!

Country-style bathrooms

Soft, warm, cosy and a bit traditional – country-style bathrooms are means to make your guests always feel like they’re in their own home. Country bathrooms will include a more rustic-feel when it comes to hard wood, or raw wood flooring and decorative wall paper – however, the real features of this bathroom lay in the details and accessories. This will undoubtedly include floral arrangements, hanging accessories and pictures, as well as scented candles and farm-inspired décor.

Rustic-style bathrooms

The rustic-style bathroom tends to be a mix of modern, eclectic and even industrial and can be a little hard to grasp upon first impressions. Hommify’s databse is full of rustic-style bathrooms and rooms and it is always best to start here for great inspiration. To create a rustic-style bathroom, think about exposed plumbing and piping, hardwood timber flooring and worldly décor, accessories and light fixtures. Rustic-style bathrooms are clever in that they create this style in such a small space and represent the homeowners as well. With a rustic-style bathroom, we suggest you engage with colours that range from different shades of grey, to shades of browns and whites as well – but don’t go too crazy with colours! Keep it simple as to avoid looking too overdone.