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6 Tips for the ultimate Mediterranean bathroom

A bathroom can be expensive to decorate, but it can also add much value to your property. However, if you need to correct mistakes, not only could the renovations upset your budget, but also it can greatly reduce any rate of return on your investment. The best option therefore, is to plan your bathroom with professionals, such as bathroom designers, who can advise you on quality tiles and fittings, and make recommendations for reliable tilers and plumbers.

However, besides the functionality of the bathroom, over and above the layout and plumbing, most of us are more concerned with an aesthetic appearance. If, for instance, your main bedroom already sports the Mediterranean style, you might want that style flowing into your bathroom, creating a connection between the two spaces.

The choice between classic and modern

Deciding between a modern bathroom, or a classic interpretation of the Mediterranean style will depend on your own preference. It will also be determined by the look you already have in your bedroom, if this room has already been decorated. Nonetheless, keep your sanitary wear white. By doing so, you will have a functional but neutral base from which to work. Furthermore, it is not only the sanitary wear that you might have to replace if you go for other colours: there will also be labour costs. For instance, a wall-hung toilet could set you back between RM3 300 to 650, with an additional RM400 for installation costs.

Instead, add your Mediterranean flare to the walls, the tiles, storage spaces, and accessories.  If in the future you would like to update your décor, this will save you funds, and will be easier to do even unassisted.

The use of colour

White may be the principal colour for a Mediterranean style; however, you do not need to be limited to white. Which colours, therefore, besides white, would work well with a Mediterranean-style bathroom?

Colour can have a major impact on the feel of the bathroom. However, always bear in mind that the colour of your bathroom should complement your bedroom. For instance, if you have earthy tones in your bedroom (under the Tuscan influence), you may wish to paint the bathroom a sunflower yellow. The same holds good for the use of blues and whites.

Another factor to recognise is the amount of light that enters the room. If, for instance, the room is very small, dark colours will make it feel even smaller, and you could struggle to apply your make-up in poor lighting. Therefore, select paint which will reflect light, including artificial light within the room. Pastel colours will work well, but if you use a high-sheen paint, you could optimise the reflection of light. Do ensure that the paint selected is suitable for bathrooms, in being resistant to high humidity levels and wet conditions.

Have the correct lighting
A Mediterranean-inspired bathroom should be light and airy. Ideally, you need as much natural light as possible to flood the room; however, this is not always feasible, particularly if yours is a bathroom in an apartment building. For instance, adding lights in the form of downlights or wall sconces, especially near the vanity unit, could provide functional lighting for applying make-up.

Using tiles that remind you of the Mediterranean
You can set your bathroom apart from others with decorative floor or wall tiles.

Remember that ceramic tiles can cost around RM9 - RM60 per square foot. However, do one or the other, wall or floor tiles and not both. There may be too much pattern, particularly if you seek a more modern Mediterranean bathroom. Still, the choice between ceramic, marble, or mosaic tiles will all depend on your own preference. The selection may be daunting. If you are asking yourself, “What tiles will be the best for a Mediterranean bathroom?” then you need help. Reach out to a professional for advice.  Adding a few handmade Moroccan tiles or having a mosaic floor in a Grecian pattern could, instead, be sufficient to give you the punch you are looking for.

Never forget about storage
Many people get lost when designing their bathroom, forgetting about storage. One of the best storage solutions would be a vanity unit on which you place a basin.

Furthermore, to add that Mediterranean appearance to your bathroom, if your bathroom has a rather neutral look, you can add a wooden vanity unit, or, even better, an antique-style cabinet with a marble top to  give you some special character. In addition, to present a unique detail, a cabinet will also hide any unsightly plumbing.

Add accessories to complement your Mediterranean style
Depending on whether you have a modern or a more traditional bathroom, select accessories that will complement the style. Such items can include towel rails, shelves, shower accessories, or even bath towels and mats. These accessories may be changed from time to time to update your bathroom.