Modern bathroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Modern and minimalistic bathrooms are becoming popular these days more than ever. Aside from its chic overall look that can be achieved with minimum effort, this chic and contemporary style is also associated with an uncluttered space, and that's something any homeowner truly wishes for! You might not think too much about value of having a timeless bathroom you’ll love for years, but as one of the most-used rooms in any home, getting the design and execution right is of utmost importance. That is why at homify, we’re ready to help and ensure that you proceed with careful thought, so you never end up regretting your bathroom design.

What are the advantages of having a modern bathroom?

Modern bathrooms are simple yet very practical, which make them user-friendly spaces. In addition to that, they are also easy to maintain.

What are the characteristics of modern bathrooms?

Modern bathrooms can have many features, but they share these five characteristics: 

Walk-in shower: A walk in shower with a screen provides a versatile wet room that can add the illusion of more space. It also feel luxurious even in small bathrooms because the space is less cramped. 

Thermostatic shower: A thermostatic mixer shower will keep the water temperature which is desired by user, for future use. This offers a protection from fluctuating water temperatures and a more comfortable showering experience. They are easy to install and are a great investment for your modern bathroom. 

Heated bathroom mirrors: A misted mirror is an issue we face everyday! Right after the shower is the time we do need the mirror but wiping it off with the towel is only a temporary fix. Here’s where installing a heated mirror comes handy. The mirror mirror heats it up just enough to prevent it from steaming up and provides a clear view for you after the shower. 

LED lights: Using LEDs to highlight features is a common way of personalizing modern bathrooms. 

Underfloor heating: Who likes to step on a cold floor after a relaxing bath? That’s why underfloor heaters are one of main features of modern bathrooms. You can enjoy the warm, cozy tiles under your feet and have the warmth from them, dry out your bathroom quickly. It will also free up the space from a normal heating system.

What wall color should I choose for my modern bathroom?

Colors that are mostly used in modern bathrooms are neutral because they maintain a bright and open space. But, you can just as well create a modern look using colors, the trick is to stay creative and smart. For example, you can have one wall of shade, which works nicely with the rest of the elements in the room and keep the other walls in a neutral shade. Make sure the hue you choose is in harmony with the other elements in the room as well as the home itself.

How should I furnish my modern bathroom?

One of the must-dos of furnishing a modern bathroom is a design that fits two. That includes a double vanity and a big enough bath for two persons and a double shower if the size of the room allows for that. Using floating cabinets also help to make the room feel bigger, not to mention it makes the bathroom cleaning much easier as the floor stays empty. If you want to save as much space as you can, then choose simple furniture with straight lines as they are the most space efficient.

What should I consider when remodeling a small modern bathroom?

If you like to remodel your bathroom to a modern space and don't have the luxury of a big space, you should first prioritise and make a list of features you definitely need in your bathroom.These features are different based on your lifestyle, for example if you enjoy to take a bath on a regular basis you might consider a bath-and-shower combo and if you don't take bath at all you might go with a simple and modern walk in shower instead which allows you to have more storage space instead. The basic elements of having a complete bathroom are a shower, a toilet, a single vanity, and proper lighting.

Based on how much space you have you can decide on how big your shower should be. The minimum requirement for shower width is 30 inches, but we highly recommend at least 32 inches which will be 81 cm to 81 cm for a more comfortable experience. Minimum width you need for the toilet is 30 inches with 20 inches of clearance in front of the toilet. Wash basin has the same requirement as toilet but recommended space is 40 inches to 30 inches of clearance in front of the wash basin. When planning make sure your electrician has considered enough plugs and electricity lines in right positions for a proper lighting in your bathroom, as a proper lighting is essential for a well designed and practical space specially when it’s a limited area. To maximize space, we suggest you choose floating furniture with straight lines and use glass screen instead of wall when dividing the wet room from the rest of the space in your modern bathroom.