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Designing your own 5-star tropical bathroom at home

When the term tropical bathroom is mentioned, a bathroom that is spa-like may come to mind. In many cases, this conjures up the right image. However, what makes a tropical bathroom different from other bathroom designs, is its laid-back ambience, and the sense of openness to the outdoors. In addition, a typical tropical bathroom may have either a Zen feeling or some elements that hint at the beach. Either way, this style of bathroom design is all about relaxation – body and soul.

There is one rule for this type of bathroom, or for any other, for that matter. If the bathroom is en-suite it should complement the main bedroom. If the main bedroom is decorated in a modern tropical design, it would be best not to change the bathroom to a traditional style. A modern look will be best suited to it.

Besides adding a free-standing bath that enhances that hint of a spa, there are other elements that should be considered. These include the colour palette, the use of natural textures, the flooring, lighting, and accessories. To help you settle on your ideal tropical bathroom, the following should be considered:

Are tropical bathrooms loud and colourful?

The rule with the palette of a modern tropical bathroom is to go for colour ─ vibrant, certainly, however, not overly loud. Neither should colours be too bright and bold, although they may make a statement.

Soothing colours in hues of deep greens and sandy tones may be picked up in the tiles that can run from floor to ceiling.

Should you use wood in a tropical bathroom?

Certainly. Use natural fibres like rattan and bamboo, with solid woods like teak, rosewood, and mahogany in your bathroom. For instance, a woven rattan stool will give you some seating, while also adding texture to the room. Otherwise, you can have your vanity in wood. A good professional carpenter will be able to make you a bespoke unit if you prefer something unique. Just remember, to keep the vanity looking good, add a waterproof top. Granite is a good idea. This can cost between RM150 – RM850 per square foot. How can you create an open and spacious feeling in a tropical bathroom?

The easiest way to open up the space is to have glass from floor to ceiling. This will also make the room more airy. Ideally, this type of bathroom should open onto the garden, or onto a small, private, walled garden. Within this private garden you could place an outdoor shower.

How can you maximise storage in a modern tropical bathroom?

With a modern-styled bathroom, the key is an uncluttered look. Going for a vanity that provides sufficient storage is important. Extra cabinetry may also be added if more storage is needed. However, for temporary storage such as for a robe, add hooks to hang your robes.

What tips are there for adding lights to a bathroom?

Lighting is very important in a room: it can set the mood or be functional, such as required for putting on make-up. Functional lighting for grooming is best installed by a qualified electrician. Sconces may be set either side of the mirror, 65 to 67 inches from the floor.

LED lighting to light up display areas like niches or under the vanity can provide a good accent. These lights may also be placed on a dimmer, to give a softer glow.

Of course, natural light during the day is the best. Therefore, ideally, have minimal window treatments and large windows to allow in as much light as possible. Naturally, you can add blinds and shutters for privacy.

What type of floor finish will work in a modern tropical bathroom?

Tiles do make a sensible choice for a bathroom floor. Stone-look or wood-look tiles will work well in a tropical bathroom. The same type of tile may also be used on the walls.  Do remember that, besides the cost of the tiles and grout, you should also budget for installation. For example, the average cost of tile installation can be anything between RM2.50 to RM7.50 per square foot. You could also go for pebbles or even cement floors if you would like something a bit different.

How can you enhance your tropical bathroom to give it a more edgy look? 

If you wish to make extra effort with your tropical bathroom, you could give it a more ‘rainforest’ appearance. Add tropical plants, as many as you wish. These plants will also help to soften the architectural lines of the bathroom.

If plants aren’t your thing, you could consider wallpaper in a bold, leaf pattern. Alternatively, perhaps with the help of your bathroom designer, you could source large tiles that have the same design as the bold, leaf wallpaper. These applications do not need to embrace the whole room. Instead, you could limit the wallpaper or boldly designed tiles to one feature wall only.