Bedroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

A stylishly decorated and relaxing bedroom is a prerequisite for every home. Studies suggest that we spend one third of our lives sleeping, which roughly indicates that we spend the equal amount of time or more in our bedrooms.

Small homes may prefer the inclusion of a multifunctional room by combining an en suite, wardrobe or a home office in the same space. In every case, organisation and taste play a key role in building a room for a multitude of activities without hampering its peaceful nature.

Those living in the heart of big cities often find noisy streets to be a key cause for disturbed sleep. The small step of building a soundproof room would go a long way in ensuring a restful night’s sleep for everyone. But these small details are often overlooked while making a grand plan for a master bedroom design, or even a secondary one.

How can I choose the perfect bed?

No one will disagree that the bed occupies the focal point of any bedroom. But how do you choose the perfect one according to your needs? Consider the space you are about to decorate or refurbish and determine if it’s better to invest in a king size bed, or something smaller.

Now think about the style that you would like to go for. Do you want contemporary décor for your room? Then opt for a modern bed frame with a clear form and clean lines. A platform bed is also suitable for this purpose. Classical rooms may prefer going for ornate canopy beds or four poster styles.

Many homes prefer beds with added storage space. You can buy a bed with under bed, headboard or footboard storage spaces. This will greatly help you to build an organised and clutter free bedroom. You can use these additional storage units to store your bed furnishings, blankets, extra cushions and other household knick knacks.

Natural wood is still the most favoured material for traditional or modern beds. Intricately designed mahogany, rosewood, cedar or oak beds can still be used to create an utterly stylish space. They are very durable and, in time, can become highly prized possessions for future generations. But when it comes to material they are not the only choice.

You can buy a wrought iron bed or one manufactured from engineered wood; using recycled wood is another possibility that you can explore. Those with a traditional building may like to consider having a platform bed made of marble or sandstone. They are fixed to a place, but can be stylishly decorated with classic rugs, bed furnishings and pillows.

What is a good master bedroom design?

Your master bedroom design should be in sync with the rest of the apartment or house, which means that if the rest of the space is designed in a minimal style this one should possess a similar look. Consider, in addition to a fashionable bed and equally charming nightstands, what else would you like to place here.

Do you intend to build a dressing room here? In this case you will have to buy or custom order wardrobes, a dressing table and ottomans to fit the space. Each of these pieces should be matching or complementary to each other. Choose your furniture while keeping in mind the colour scheme of your room. If you have opted for bright walls then go for understated furniture or wooden pieces. Otherwise, you may end up creating an overly dramatic, theatrical space.

Take adequate care when buying curtains, shutters or blinds. You will certainly have to invest in more than just one set of curtains and each of these should have a look appropriate for the bedroom décor. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, including luxurious cotton, silk, linen, Damask, satin, toile, muslin and so on. You can check out our magazine section for ideas and suggestions regarding the right curtains for your bedroom.

What are the right lighting fixtures for my bedroom?

The same tactfulness is needed while choosing the lighting fixtures. Yesteryear buildings boasted liberal volumes of light including a wall and ceiling fixtures. It was natural to decorate these spaces with elaborate chandeliers. Modern homes however, have more moderately sized rooms and the ceiling height is much lower than the traditional structures. Improvement in lighting technology also ensures that any room, however expansive, can be easily illuminated with fewer lighting fixtures.

Do not, however, consider that your choices will be limited due to a change in the configurations of modern homes. In fact, you might easily get overwhelmed by the large number of modish chandelier, linear suspensions, pendant lighting and table lamps available on the market. At the same time, try to refrain from getting carried away by this. Choose a chic chandelier or pendant piece according to your taste and the existing décor of your room.

Decorate your bedside tables with elegant table lamps or install bedside pendant lights. If you have the habit of reading a book before going to sleep, buy lighting with adequate luminosity.

How can I decorate my small bedroom?

Many homeowners think that decorating a small space involves big hassles. However, it may not be so if you have a skilled friend guiding you along the way. With our massive list of bedroom ideas, designing a small space is surprisingly quite easy. In a small space, try to keep things simple. Choose furniture that is highly functional and comes with added storage solutions.

Choose a simple but stylish cot for your small room. Shun those heavy and bulky ones that tend to create a cramped look. If the space is very much on the shorter side, use wall mounted shelves as nightstands. Opt for a colour scheme that adds a note of cheerfulness to the ambience.

Replace your large armoire or bulky wardrobes with wall mounted shelves and cabinets and try to free up as much floor space as possible. Always keep it neat and thoroughly organised, but decorate the walls with beautifully framed artworks. Place a vase full of fresh flowers on the corner bracket to add some extra energy. Periodically, make small changes here and there, but don’t give yourself too much of a headache and, when possible, add an element of surprise. These simple steps will always keep your room looking fresh and charming.

How to design a bedroom according to Feng Shui?

To ensure the health and well being of our family members, we often rely on time tested traditions. Feng shui has very specific guidelines for every part of your home, including the bedroom and a bedroom design that follows the wisdom of feng shui must be square shaped or slightly rectangular.

The colour scheme should be harmonious and relaxing. Feng shui does not tend towards all white bedrooms, because they are usually highly energetic in nature. It also does not recommend having an all black or very dark grey space, as this achieves the opposite and what we’re looking for is balance. For this reason, passionate colours like luscious red or bright orange are also not recommended for this space.

Furniture with hard edges is to be avoided at all costs, and it’s better not to have televisions or laptops here as they may affect your sleep pattern. Feng shui also suggests using organic and sustainable materials in this space.