Tips and advice on decorating your bedroom in a modern Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style has moved beyond its regional bases to become an architectural and interior design admired by many leading interior designers and those wishing to create a relaxed, romantic design space that has an apparently rustic but sophisticated essence. More so, this is a style that combines comfort with luxury, European elegance with bucolic charm, and colour schemes that range from aqua blues to earthy shades of terracotta.

This mode has a variety of influences. The Mediterranean trend is common to vast areas around the Mediterranean Sea, incorporating Portugal, Spain, parts of France, Greece, Italy, and even Morocco. Furthermore, each of these areas has its own design language, such as the Tuscan style in Italy, and the blue-and-white schemes so ubiquitous in Greece.

To transfer this style to a modern Malaysian bedroom may be tricky, particularly if you don’t wish to create an amateur theme more aligned to an amusement park. Luckily, you can create a highly successful design by using elements of the Mediterranean style in your bedroom. Such Mediterranean-inspired elements can hint at a past holiday or simply present a special character that will make your bedroom unique.

To help you design your scheme, here are some tips and suggestions to help you capture that special Mediterranean ambiance.

Which bedroom item remains standard, irrespective of the design style selected?

Obviously, your mattress is of paramount importance no matter your decor. Opt for the best quality, most supportive mattress you can afford. Also, be aware of the size of your bedroom. Ideally, you would choose a king-size mattress. Should the bedroom not allow for this, when taking into account two bedside tables, a smaller size mattress will suffice. However, dress the bed with the best bed linen you can afford. White linen would be the best option; your throw could hint at the area of the Mediterranean from which you draw inspiration.

Which area of the Mediterranean will inspire your design?

As the scope of the Mediterranean style is so vast, select the area with which you feel a connection ─ perhaps Greece, with its blue-and-white houses; or Tuscany, in which the villas sport their earthy tones. Should you choose to blend the Mediterranean style with a Malaysian aesthetic, the results will look less like a themed room; more as though inspired by the essence of this beautiful European style.

To incorporate elements of the Grecian coast in your bedroom, for instance, make use of an accent turquoise fabric on an ottoman placed on the end of your bed, repeating the colour in decorative items around the room.

How can you give your bedroom that pop?

You can use accents, such as painting your four-poster bed in a bright blue to promote the bed as the focal piece of furniture. Simply tone down the rest of the room to a more neutral colour to make it feel peaceful. Also, remember that, in time, you can paint the bed another colour. A bright coral orange will totally change the room without your having to change anything else in it.

What lighting should you have in your bedroom?

Firstly, the Mediterranean style calls for natural light to flood the room. Therefore, keep the curtains simple to create a soft and breezy feel in the room. For functionality, you could make use of blinds at the windows. You can also use glossy surfaces to reflect light within the room, such as a gloss paint or mirrored side tables. All of these will help to make the most of all natural light available.  

However, do not forget to add functional lighting by using bedside lamps so that you can read in bed. Decorative lighting, such as a crystal chandelier or a light fitting hints at a Moroccan market. However, with Malaysia’s humid climate, and if you do not have air conditioning, you could retain your ceiling fan.

What wall treatment will work best in a Mediterranean-style bedroom?

Textured walls will definitely give you that Mediterranean feel; and a professional plasterer will be able to create this for you. However, you do not need to be limited to textured wall finishes. You could still have smooth-painted walls or wallpaper, ideally applied by a professional, to give you the charm you seek.

What floor treatment will work with a Mediterranean style?

To change the flooring could be a big expense, or unwise, if you are merely renting a home. However, to change the look of the floor simply add a rug such as a Moroccan rug to introduce some pattern and colour to the room, or use a sisal rug for a more French or Tuscan feel. If changing the flooring is a possibility, then opt for solid wooden floors that are easy to maintain; or tile the room out. You can still add a rug to soften and ground the room.

What is the key to a successful modern Mediterranean bedroom?

In the end, simply remind yourself that the Mediterranean style is a conglomeration of different styles. These styles all influence one another; one needs only to pick elements of these modes to create a relaxed and stylish bedroom. Keep the room uncluttered, and use well-chosen pieces of furniture for a greater impact. It is true that this may not be easily affordable, yet the impact is guaranteed to be striking.