Modern bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

A basic framework for designing your modern bedroom is provided below. Always give prime importance to the function of the room. Obviously, the function of the bedroom is to sleep, read or to recline and do simple tasks such as chatting over the phone, etc. As it increases the utility of the room, the function of the room is important while deciding on the design, more than the aesthetic appeal, especially when it comes to residential interior design.

A simple framework to follow would be as follows: 5 Cs

1. Concept

2. Component

3. Cloth

4. Colour

5. Cost

What is a modern bedroom design?

As the name suggests modern design is the interior design style that incorporates the contemporary design elements and principles; Namely minimalistic furniture, neutral colours and environmentally sustainable materials. 

Concept – Where to start?

Design needs to be conceptual. Notwithstanding whether the bedroom is a Master, kids or guest, it is good to come up with a concept for your design. Following the concept throughout the design gives a sense of uniformity and coherence to the design. This is basically a holistic approach to design.

Write your concept statement based on your unique qualities and tastes. Elaborate on it and make it as descriptive as possible so that you are clear on how you wish your bedroom is to be.

For example, one may just want to hit the bed and wake up and leave. Or another may want a spacious bedroom with a huge bathroom attached. Or one my want a lot of storage space. Or another may want it to double as an informal living, etc.

Once you have your concept statement written you have an overall picture of what you want to create.

Components – How to arrange furniture in a modern bedroom?

Next, start with the most important piece of furniture; the bed. Choose the size; single, double, queens, kings, etc. Choose the spot and direction; it is a good tip not to lay your head to any of the earth’s poles. It is better to face the door while lying on bed and is ideal to have windows to your side, while never close to your head.

Then pick what other furniture you would be needing like a table (RM 200 – RM 300 per foot run) and a chair, television set, etc. You should need storage like cupboards, wardrobes (RM 350 – RM 600 per foot run), etc. You could couple a storage space with your bed. Wardrobes could be fitted with sliding doors to make effective use of space. Walk in wardrobes are feasible if you have enough space.

And don’t forget the bathrooms as they need to be equipped thoroughly as well. A dressing area is also required.

You could also consider a bay window seating if you are interested. Ensuring that your furniture has minimalistic design is paramount to the modern design style.

Cloth – What fabrics to use in a modern bedroom?

This includes all the fabrics and textures. Wall paper could be used effectively in the design which are also cost effective. All fabrics including furnishings and curtains need to be carefully selected. 

This takes care of the feel aspect and adds variety to design. New materials like velvets not only do feel different but also looks different. By the look of it a person could imagine how it feels and this adds a new dimension to the design.

Tiles in the bathroom are a part of this. Even the flooring of the bedroom adds texture value as it creates a feel. Flooring could be wooden (RM 10 – RM 30 / sq.ft.) or vinyl (RM 4.5 – RM 12 / sq.ft.) or carpeted (RM 4.5 – RM 15 / sq.ft.) or tiled (RM 9 – RM 60 / sq.ft.) according to your preference or as per the climatic conditions.

Wall claddings personalize the room extensively; Especially family portraits. So never ignore them. You could paint your own picture and hang them if you are artistic.

Using environmentally sustainable materials is fundamental to the modern design style and thus it must be always borne in mind while choosing materials.

Colour – which colours are best for a modern bedroom?

While you cannot avoid white in a room, you need to keep it minimum in your bedroom as it reflects all light. The Thumb rule to follow is not to make it bright. It should be as dull as possible. A combination of colours could be employed to add variety and not make it seem boring. Blues are commonly preferred, and beige is also a popular option (Around RM 40 / sq.ft.).

The idea is that a colour code that gives more rest to the eyes is to be preferred over one which is visually appealing.

Lighting should be mild and modern simple lighting design makes the room look elegant. The energy efficiency is a factor that cannot be ignored.

A false ceiling (RM 7 – RM 30 per foot run) would make the design look grand and could serve the purpose of concealing stuff.

Choosing neutral shades confirms your bedroom to the modern interior design style.

Cost – How much does a modern bedroom cost?

The budgetary estimates of different schemes need to be prepared and compared. Last but not the least the design must fit your budget. You need the measurements and unit costs to calculate.

Ensure that the calculations are accurate so that you have a clear idea and can accommodate any extras. It is always better to plan in detail so that you don’t end up being broke.

You could get help in making and installing the furniture and other materials from a professional to ensure that they are installed perfectly.

Adequate rest for your body and mind becomes the goal of the modern bedroom interior design; along with sustainability. And the costs listed are only estimates and may vary.