Scandinavian design is known for its minimalism, simplicity and functionality. It is comprised of clean lines, basic shapes and solid colours. It is devoid of unnecessary decoration. Natural materials such as timber and stone are used. Rooms are spacious with a few essentials. The colour scheme is always bright with white being the prominent colour.

The Scandinavian design is greatly influenced by the climatic conditions of the Nordic region. Large windows to the extent of the whole wall especially the south facing ones are recurrent to make the best use of the scarcely available light. The Scandinavian house is closely integrated with nature with a lot of open spaces. Energy efficiency and effective insulation is high priority. 

The furniture is minimal with a simple yet practical design. Mass produced furniture are generally installed. Rooms contain a lot of free spaces and are de-cluttered. No wall to wall carpets are used. Fabrics are used as accents. 

Given the style and decor of the Scandinavian philosophy of home design a Scandinavian bedroom is typically as follows.

What flooring is installed in a Scandinavian bedroom?

White wooden flooring is the first option that comes to mind when one imagines a Scandinavian bedroom. With lovely forests in the Scandinavian region it is natural to reproduce the outdoors in the Scandinavian house by generously using wood in interiors. 

A floor in a light hue creates an optical illusion of space in rooms with a low ceiling. The Scandinavian design philosophy of creating bright and spacious interiors is achieved by using a white wooden flooring. A natural wood finish flooring is also a viable option. Some rugs and carpet need to be put, but never use wall to wall carpets.

What wall treatments are used in Scandinavian bedrooms?

Wood is also used on walls as claddings. White is the colour preferred on the walls. The only exception being light hues and grey tones. Portraits are usually hung on walls as décor elements. Otherwise the walls are kept neat and clear.

What ceiling designs are used in Scandinavian bedrooms?

Interestingly ceiling windows are common in Scandinavian homes to let light in the room. Wood is also used as a decorative element in Scandinavian ceilings. The ceilings are usually sloped and are predominantly painted white.

What are the furniture used in Scandinavian bedrooms?

The Scandinavian philosophy is primarily to keep the room spacious. Hence only some essential furniture is installed. The furniture design is minimal and simple only to serve the function associated with it. Wooden furniture that are mass produced and self-assembled are the choice for a typical Scandinavian bedroom. 

Low height platform beds are a common choice. Or upholstered beds with some warm fabric are used in a Scandinavian style bedroom. An ottoman or a chaise lounge is a desirable piece of furniture in a big Scandinavian bedroom.

A table and a chair are a common furniture installed in a Scandinavian bedroom and even a bedside table. A dressing table and some cupboards and wardrobe are also essentials in a Scandinavian bedroom. However, the choice of the amount of furniture depends entirely on the size of the room. 

The Scandinavian rooms always appear decluttered without too many items. Hence ensure that the furniture is limited to only to minimum essentials.

Affordable IKEA furniture is not only the option for Scandinavian style of décor. There are many designers who custom make furniture products for the Scandinavian bedroom.

What are the elements of Scandinavian bedroom design?

If your bedroom looks like a black and white photo, then most probably you have got your Scandinavian design right. However, you need to add accents in bright colours here and there to complete the design. It could be pillows or wall hangings. Even plants and flowers are a natural way to achieve this. 

Choice of lighting is to be carefully made in Scandinavian style bedroom. Interesting but simple designer lighting is the best choice. Always include some hanging light fixtures which are typical to any Scandinavian style room to balance the empty space. 

Add texture and warmth with fur. Use heavy blankets and sheets. Scandinavian design style of home décor is known for its brilliant use of texture in its rooms to create a feel of warmth.

How to design a Scandinavian kid’s bedroom?

A Scandinavian kids room is like the other rooms. However, it is more colourful. But only mild colours are used. Little bit of bright accents is also a design feature of the Scandinavian kid’s room. One needs to get creative about the vertical spaces. Wall stickers could add colour the kid’s bedroom. Use a lot of white in the room and include all the other regular elements of Scandinavian design. 

Thus, creating a bedroom in the Scandinavian style of home décor is quite a simple task if you ensure to use a minimalistic design approach, use natural materials, install a few essential articles of furniture, use light colours especially a lot of white, use woollen and fur textures, hang designer lights and hang portraits on the wall with a few brightly coloured accents in parts of the room and a rug. Simple yet elegant!