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Tips and ideas for creating your ultimate modern tropical bedroom

A modern tropical bedroom should exude tranquillity and simplicity, where less is more. Lines should be clean, with hints of natural elements and luxurious fabrics. Most importantly, a tropical bedroom should have a direct relationship with the outdoors. Ideally, a tropical bedroom opens onto a forest; however, this look can still work extremely well in an urban environment.

To start with, you may have some questions. What are the elements of a tropical bedroom? What colours may be used in a tropical bedroom? Which wall treatments will work well in a tropical bedroom? You may also be slightly apprehensive and unsure; however, this is a style that you can have fun with. If you design your scheme properly, you could change the accent colours as trends change, to keep the room current.

Either way, start with the basics – a good quality mattress, floors ideally in old wood like Merbau wood, which can cost RM10 - RM30 per square foot, and a ceiling fan to circulate the air. Sufficient storage space is essential. You could have louvred, built-in wardrobes, mitigating the chance of mould developing on your clothes. Alternatively, if your bedroom is small, you could have wardrobes that match your wall treatments: the room will look more spacious.

Some key elements of the tropical bedroom

Wall treatment

To create a solid base for your design, you could paint your walls. Alternatively, you could apply wallpaper, or even grass cloth.

If you opt for paint, a good quality 5 litres of matt emulsion with a smooth matt finish will cost around RM185, excluding labour costs. Nonetheless, your colour scheme can be brighter: Malaysia is blessed with intense sunlight, which absorbs the stronger colours such as blue, yellow, green, red, or orange. If, however, you dislike the thought of coating your walls in intense colour, you could adopt the stronger colours for your accessories or fabrics, leaving the paler colours for your walls.

To make a statement add grass cloth. This may be pricey, at around RM 1,018.83 per roll. This is a timeless approach, but for a more modern and on-trend approach you could instal wallpaper – either on a feature wall or throughout the room. Here you can choose bold leaf patterns that will bring the outdoors in and give you the accent colour you can work from.

Your furniture

Source furniture is made in natural materials, like wicker, rattan, teak, or other solid wood or even bamboo. The key, however, with a modern look, is to have less detail; therefore seek out pieces that have clean lines and less ornate or carved details.

In using natural elements, you are also bringing the outside in, while also adding texture to your design.

You will need a headboard, bedside side tables, a rattan or upholstered armchair, and maybe an ottoman. However, try not to overstuff your room with pieces: the modern tropical style must create a sense of airiness and simplicity.

If, however, you would like a more plush appearance, and one that is super comfortable, have your headboard upholstered in fabric.

The lighting

The main principle is to allow as much natural light into your room as possible, while limiting direct sunlight. The room should feel bright, yet still sheltered from the heat. For artificial lighting, bedside lights, as well as ceiling lights are functional assets. Depending on your needs, you could place your ceiling lights on a dimmer switch, so that if you wish to change the mood of the room, this may be done with ease. Ask a professional electrician to quote you a price.

The fabrics

Once you have settled on the type of wall treatment you prefer, you could either keep the bedding simple in all white, adding a throw for colour. Otherwise, if the walls are mostly in pale hues, you could have bold floral patterns on your bedding to bring out the bright greens, rich reds, or even a flamingo pink. Make sure to use pure cotton for a better night’s sleep. Keep your window treatments plain, utilising sheers, with blinds for privacy.

Don’t forget about the accessories

As a modern tropical design is all about having less, the selection of accessories will focus on the best piece for your room. If you get stuck, remember that you can always engage the services of a professional decorator to help you out.

Either way, the proper accessories can enhance your room and add that splash of colour which your room may lack. Although scatters in bold colour tones may be one type of accessory, you can deploy the botanic trend by adding plants like orchids. These range in price from around RM160 to 800, depending on size and species. A good idea is to have a palm tree in your room. If you are not green-fingered, you could use artificial plants.