Boys Bedroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I design a boy’s bedroom? What are some design styles?

Whether you’re a first-time parent expecting a new bundle of joy or already have a few wildlings running around the house, designing a kids room is something every parent can enjoy–especially if you are fostering the wild imagination of your young boy. Say goodbye to that messy room over-cluttered with action figures and ripped posters and hello to an organized and practical space.

There are three main design styles for a boy’s bedroom: You can go with thematic or color based designs, or you can stick with function and design your boy’s bedroom with practicality in mind. There are limitless thematic based designs to choose from, but designing his room with his favorite cartoon character or sport will bring out his individual personality. Jungle, forest, racing and pirate themed rooms are among the top choices for most young boys.

Color based designs speak for themselves. Neutral color schemes are preferred for matching with furniture or a Scandinavian interior, but you might also think about decorating the space his favorite color.

Functionality based designs are the ones we root for. These rooms have furniture like bunk beds and double as a studying room or playground.

How do I choose the right color?

There are a few factors to consider when picking your boy’s room color. His temperament, the furniture in the room, the amount of natural light, and the size of the room are all things to take into account.

Classic boy’s bedroom colors are blue, brown, and gray, and these are also colors that will calm a child. If your boy is particularly energetic, you’ll want to make his sleeping place a place of calm and respite. Neutral colors like beige and white are perfect for smaller boy’s bedrooms that need to look more spacious. Earth tones like green and yellow also give off this effect and both schemes pair excellently with natural materials like wood, which in turn add more sophistication to the space.

Multiple colors and patterns create a fun-loving and inspirational atmosphere. When working with multiple colors, you can choose to have an accent wall to make it the focal point of the room. Alternatively, painting the bottom and top halves of the walls and blending the colors in the middle is also a great way to fuse colors. We’ve seen this work particularly well with analogous colors, like blue and green. One tip for this kind of design is to put the darker color on the bottom half so the room doesn’t shrink visually.

What kind of furniture would be best?

The best boys bedroom decorating ideas incorporate practical furniture that blends seamlessly with style. The type of furniture you choose depends entirely on the function and space of the room. Before deciding on any piece of furniture, you want to make sure you have enough room to fit everything comfortably. Then, you can focus on style to fit your boy’s tastes.

Good furniture options include bunk beds, desks with multiple drawers for storage, small tables, or a sofa. Bunker beds allow you to add extra storage underneath, or if you get a model that has a built-in dresser or a few drawers, you can eliminate a dresser from the room entirely. A desk is something most Malaysians consider essential in any kid’s room. With a desk, your boy can complete his homework or do crafts and his room will be transformed into a dual work and play room. Small, low-lying tables are also a good choice for these purposes and make it easier for your little one to sit on the floor and play.

There is one critical element that any boy–or child for that matter–should have, and that is a play area. For your boy’s bedroom to be his own, he needs space to play with his toys and roll around.

What are some boys bedroom decorating ideas?

There’s more than just furniture that decorates a room. One aspect you can experiment with is the lighting. Mood lights are never a bad idea–in addition to ambient lighting, a few small lamps with red, purple or green bulbs will add an exciting element, and you can coordinate colors to match the interior theme. For example, if you fill your boy’s room with nautical stickers of fish and aquatic vegetation, bring in a few blue light bulbs to make it really feel like you’re underwater. If you have a space theme, icicle lights will make you feel like you’re surrounded by stars.

Chalk boards are a very popular accent in Malaysian homes. The idea of customizing the board on a daily basis allows your boy’s imagination to run rampant, as well as give him the opportunity to practice and improve his penmanship and spelling. Another inspirational decor style is the around-the-world theme. Posters with local or world maps will not only impart geographical knowledge, but will give rise to a child who will want to explore the world.

Textiles are the easiest elements to make fit. Curtains, pillows and bed spreads can all be modified to fit the overall theme you’ve chosen.

What are some storage ideas for optimizing space?

Storage space is important in any room, but especially a boy’s room where you’re going to want all the space available for playing.

If you opted out of the bunker bed, regular beds still offer space saving ideas–all you need are a few bins that slide underneath the bed to keep clothes or toys in, or purchase a bed that has built-in storage drawers. Sofas are ideal when your boy has guests and they add a fun, soft element to the room. Going with more multifunction–if you have the space, get a sofa bed.

When you’ve run out of floor room, you can turn to floating shelves. The best way to display your boy’s interest is to have them arranged neatly on a shelf for everyone to see. Present his favorite books, action figures or trophies proudly and know you’ve added decoration and practicality all in one.