Built-in-kitchens: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are built in kitchens?

A lot has changed in the way we live and the way our houses are planned during the past century. Rise in population, technological advancements, and a shift towards nuclear families has led to our houses getting more and more compact. As a result, architects and designers have had to constantly push the boundaries in order to make the most of the available space as well as deal with the restrictions of limited time and budgets. One such development has been built in kitchens. These kitchens can be simply defined as a combination of cabinetry and countertops aimed towards extra storage and cooking space with an added benefit of fast assembly and a wider range of design options. In built kitchens allow the possibility to form several combinations such as combining the dining table with the main kitchen to increase space efficiency and flexibility of use.

Are built in kitchens popular in Malaysia?

Built in kitchens are immensely popular all over Malaysia. Today, there are a number of manufacturers that can provide you with built in kitchen options that can easily fit your space as well as budget requirements. These manufacturers have an extensive dealer network that spans not only the larger cities but also in smaller cities and towns. Once you approach any of these experts, they can assist you in planning the kitchen, choosing the right finish and material type, as well as the final installation. Many of these manufacturers also provide warranties that can run for a few months to years depending upon the type and nature of the product.

What is the installation process?

Start by having a good overview of the available area, budget, and space requirements. After this, it is highly recommended to hire a professional. This initial investment will go a long way in minimizing future hassles and unnecessary repair expenses. While deciding on the combination, think about the kind of finishes you would like to have for the cabinets, for e.g. metal, plastic, wood, etc. Further, you will also have to decide the type of counter you would like to install in your kitchen, this can be finalised on the basis of your habits and cooking frequency.  Few of the popular options that you can opt for are natural stones, solid surfaces, metal, or even wood. Storage is one of the key aspects of any kitchen, hence, make sure the drawers and storage compartments offered suit your requirements. Finally, do not forget the aspect of lighting design. Modern inbuilt kitchens offer you the flexibility of a host of lighting features that can be controlled locally as well as by smart devices.

What are the Pros of installing an in built kitchen?

One of the best aspects of an inbuilt kitchen is its fast and easy installation. Owing to it being designed as a combination instead of a freestanding unit, built in kitchens are invariably more coherent and appealing than a normal kitchen. Such a combination allows for dedicated niches and compartments for appliances, a result of which is equipments such as an oven or coffee maker fits in perfectly in the whole system rather than being a clumsy free standing device. Larger equipment such as dishwasher or fridge too can be conveniently positioned under the counter in an efficient and discreet manner. Built in kitchens are perfect for open plan houses or studio apartments. The compact nature of built in kitchens is perfect to make the maximum utilization of the available space. Such kitchens also have a strong case of being attractive from the point of selling or renting the apartment. Reason being, it imparts the entire space a very sophisticated and coherent but at the same time a very easy to maintain feel.  Most importantly, built in kitchens can be manufactured in a variety of combinations in order to fit space and budget parameters of all kinds.

What are the Cons of installing an in built kitchen?

Although the positives of an in built kitchen outweigh its downsides, there are a few basic aspects that you must of aware of before planning to install one in your kitchen. First and foremost, the product and installation costs are invariably higher than conventional kitchens. It is possible that you might find operating the entire system complicated and time consuming. Lastly, future repairs could be possibly trickier and time consuming than a normal free-standing kitchen.

Built in kitchens and dining spaces

In order to save space and increase its efficiency, you can combine the main kitchen with an extended dining table. Such a setting will allow for a convenient dining experience in which the family can eat immediately after cooking with less hassles of arranging cutlery and other equipment. In many cases, it is possible to fold the dining table such that it can allow for a larger space when the table is not in use. The table and the chair arrangement also allows for a nice informal setting in which multiple people can gather and talk while cooking at the same time.