Bungalows: architecture, inspiration & pictures

What is a Bungalow and its origin?

The term began in India, getting from the Hindi word baṅgala, signifying "Bengali" and utilized circularly for a "house in the Bengal style".This Asian engineering structure and configuration started in the wide open of Bengal district in South Asia. Such houses were customarily little, of one story and separated, and had a wide veranda. The term was first found in English from 1696, where it was utilized to portray "bungales or hovells" in India.

What do we mean by bungalow in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the term Bungalow is at times used to allude to a house that was worked amid the colonial period. The structures were developed "from the mid nineteenth century until the finish of World War II. They were worked by the British to house their military officers, high court judges and different individuals from the colonial society's rank.

At the moment, there is as still demand for colonial time bungalows in Malaysia. Most of these buildings have been utilized as family homes. Throughout the years, some have been changed into workplaces, inns, exhibitions, spas and restaurants.

After colonial period, the term bungalow has been used to refer to any standing alone house, no matter when it was build or how big or small it was, or the style in which it was built. But calling a house a bungalow frequently conveys with meanings of the cost and status of the owners, and how rich they are. Local real estates define a bungalow as a single family homes or, detached in other markets. The popularity of this term was the reason that it has been translated into Malay word of banglo with a similar meaning.

How much does a bungalow cost in Malaysia?

Like every other property, depending on how big or new it is or where it is located you can find a house to buy in different prices. According to real estate market in kuala lumpur it varies between RM 500 psf to RM 2000 psf.

What are the characteristic of a bungalow?

Roof:The roof is a low-pitched gable with wide overhangs to protect the house from the heat and sun. For decorative purposes, exposed rafters usually extended out from the building, with their ends cut-to-profile. 

Entrance: An entryway patio is an essential piece of the its design. With some columns that support the the roof. 

Windows: are most often double hung with single frame on top and multiple frame on bottom and each is filled with glass. They are usually used to decorate the facade as used in pair or groups or individually. They also emphasise the gable roof shape and give the house its unique characteristic. 

Materials: exterior material usually offer warmth and cosiness. The secret is using natural material such as wood. Other favorite materials for such housing is stone, brick and concrete or a tasteful combination of them all. But the material used normally reflects the region the bungalow is located and if there are more stone available or wood.