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Carport: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Difference between a carport and a garage

 A garage is very different from a carport. The carport is a fully enclosed building or a section of it, that is used to store cars, tools, or other items, while a car stall is much simpler in structure. It’s not fully enclosed like a garage, but rather has at least one side open to the outdoors. They can be made from something simple like a tarp or can get more complicated when built with wood or metal. They can also be just as functional as garages, providing the same wind, water, and sound-proofing.

Carport ideas for the front area of the house

When installing a car stall in front of your home, the best materials to use are either wood or metal. Ones made from tarp are practical and easy to set up but aesthetically aren’t as pleasing. Many Malaysian homes use the veranda style carport. This is when it looks just like a veranda, but with more suitable covering. These can be made from wood to suit the rustic, classic, or Mediterranean homes. Wooden ones look nice especially when all four sides remain open to the outdoors and have a gabled roof. When this style is stationed in front of the home, it keeps your facade visible and less cluttered.

You can also get one made from metal that’s cheaper to match with an industrial or colonial home, depending on the decoration you add to it. Hanging icicle lights from the top will go well to match industrial/steampunk look and will even add some eclectic elements, while a simple five-pointed star situated in front gives you the classic colonial appeal.

How can I attach a carport to the side of my house?

There are a few ways you can attach a car stall to the side of your home. One way is to get a simple addition with either wood, steel, or poly-carbonate. These are the simple styles that provide covering but are quite open on all four sides. But what most find particularly attractive is when the car stall becomes an extension of the house and is built with the same materials and decorated with the same colors. This option is more expensive as it is an actual home addition instead of something to be placed in front of it, but most Malaysians find the investment worthwhile for their aesthetic curb appeal and the way it ups the value of the house.

What’s the cheapest way to install a carport?

The best way to save money on this installation is to buy a prefabricated garage. Prefabricated simply means that sections of the structure are already pre-assembled, making installation on site much faster. This also cuts down on labor costs, which is why they’re inexpensive.

Price ranges for carports

Price depends entirely on the style you choose, ease of installation, and materials. A veranda-style garage made from aluminum is on the pricier side, averaging about 1000-1300 MYR per square meter. This is because the material is difficult to handle and requires welding to fashion together. 

Wooden carports, on the other hand, are cheaper because the material is lighter and you don’t need to do any welding. These styles can range anywhere from 400-1000 MYR per square meter depending on the type of wood you use. Timber is one of the more inexpensive types, so we recommend that if you’re going down the wooden road.

A light steel prefabricated frame, however, is a much cheaper option. These range from 400-650 MYR per square meter and that’s because the material is light and easily transportable, and due to the prefab nature of the structure, of course. 

When you decide to extend your home and make your garage from the same materials, it’s difficult to quote the price. A certified contractor needs to come to your home and examine it personally in order to get a better feel for the price of materials and the labor costs.

Pros and cons of carports and garages

The pros and cons of carports relate directly to position on the property and materials. Garages are more prevalent because they tend to be built as the home is being built, and despite the fact that carports can give your automobile a great amount of protection, they don’t quite measure up to the protective nature of the garage because they are fully enclosed and made from home building materials. Garages also offer better protection against theft, as they have doors that are fairly impenetrable and that lock. This feature also makes garages good to store things like garden equipment or bikes that you don’t want others to see.

Carports aren’t without their advantages, though. As we’ve said, they are definitely the cheaper option. All in all, they cost about half of what a contractor would charge you for a garage. They’re faster to build – some prefab steel carports can take just 45 minutes to install! Others, though, take about a week, which is still less than half the time it takes to construct a garage. Carports are also easy to build. The prefabs come in pre-assembled sections, making installation a breeze.